Third in the country! Chengdu people have “planted” 1.96 million trees in more than a year to reduce carbon emissions by cycling. Are you

How much do Chengdu people like riding? Recently, meituan bicycle released data.

Since the beginning of the spring, the country has reduced a total of 25500 tons of carbon.

Among them, Chengdu users have reduced more than 1712 tons of carbon, ranking third among the top 10 cities in terms of riding carbon reduction.

In 2021, Chengdu meituan bicycle users have reduced 19693.4 tons of carbon a year.

What is the concept? For example, if a tree absorbs 10 kg of carbon emissions every year, Chengdu people will reduce carbon emissions in a whole year by cycling, which is equivalent to about 1.96 million trees 🌳 Let’s take a look at everyone’s travel modes ↓↓↓ this means that cycling, carbon reduction and green travel have become the favorite travel mode of most Chengdu people.

Why don’t you have the option of riding and appreciating flowers in spring? Xiaobu recommends that flower spots located in the urban area of Chengdu are very suitable: Riding + walking go, let’s go and have a look! Florescence of huanghuafeng Suzuki: late March point recommendation: Jiangxi street, Ximianqiao street, Beihu Park huanghuafeng Suzuki, also known as huangzhongmu.

Originating from Mexico, Central America and South America, it is the national flower of Brazil.

The flowers are just like their names.

When the yellow flower Suzuki blossoms, there are only flowers but no leaves.

The street tree “yellow flower wind Suzuki” has only appeared in the streets of Chengdu in recent years, presenting a unique splendor for the beauty of spring in Chengdu.

Figure: according to incomplete statistics by Xiaobu of Sichuan news, the point of viewing Huangfeng Suzuki Bashi in Chengdu is basically on the third ring road.

The points suitable for cycling in the city are: Jiangxi street, eastern suburb memory, Ximianqiao street, etc.

It is also a good choice to ride to the North Lake Park and walk into the park.

Take a picnic mat, look at flowers, read books and drink tea.

It is leisurely and comfortable.

Flowering period of Paulownia: March April spot recommendation: Hongxing bridge and Chengdu botanical garden every spring, Chengdu people will chase the flowers.

Where they bloom, people will try to go.

Starting from the center of Chengdu, go east along Hongxing Road, ride to the Jinjiang River near Hongxing bridge, and you can see that a large number of Paulownia flowers are in full bloom, and the air is filled with honey fragrance.

Photo evidence: @ popsicle sticks the tall paulownia trees are growing freely, and the branches stretch out into the sky.

Each tree is different.

Some are like umbrellas, which are huge and scattered.

Some watch the hillside in twos and threes, and some are alone in the open space.

The purple corolla and bouquet hang low on the river, and the sun shines on the river.

When you look up, Paulownia flowers shake out mottled light and shadow with the wind, and large swaths of lavender shake lazily in the sun.

There are a few egrets flying over the river occasionally, which is very beautiful.

If you don’t like it, you can also ride to Chengdu botanical garden, where the Paulownia flowers have a different flavor.

Blooming period of Qilixiang: March may spot recommendation: Chengdu Contemporary video Museum and global center are full of flowers from spring to summer.

With the temperature rising, Qilixiang “waterfall” also poured out.

The layers of white flowers, hidden in the old streets or standing on the park walls, decorate the old and new streets and alleys, and have become a landscape in the city.

Photo: Lian Zhou rides his bike to entrance / exit D of Jincheng Lake subway station in Chengdu high tech Zone.

Just 200 meters away, there is a “Qilixiang waterfall”.

A large area of Qili incense blooms in the warm sun, shielding the original water surface.

The snow-white waves are surging with the wind, pure, elegant and fragrant.

On the roadside outside the global center (zone W1), Qilixiang is in full bloom.

There is also a Retro Green Wall, which is very suitable for taking photos.

Flowering period of Begonia crabapple: March April spot recommendation: Begonia crabapple in Chengdu botanical garden and Dufu thatched cottage museum is a kind of Begonia flower, with colorful and multiple petals.

It is named for its drooping when it blooms.

In March every year, begonias bloom in clusters.

When the flowers bloom, a tree is prosperous and beautiful.

Photo: Dufu thatched cottage museum rides to the vicinity of Chengdu Dufu thatched cottage museum, and then walks in to see the blooming begonias.

The slender flower stalks are white, red and purple, and full of aura.

The drooping Begonia in Chengdu botanical garden is also in full bloom.

When the breeze blows, bursts of fragrance fill the air.

The branches swaying with the wind have bright and moving flowers, which is worth seeing.

However, it is recommended that you ride to the botanical garden and walk into the garden.

Xiao Bu reminds you to protect yourself when you go out to enjoy the flowers.

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