They rode more than 20 kilometers and sent the banners to Yuhua Hospital

This morning, I cycled more than 20 kilometers to Yuhua Branch of Nanjing First Hospital.

I met with Head Xiao of the Riding Department of Dream Riding Group at 9:30 at the gate of the hospital.

I sent a banner to Master Ye of Yuhua Hospital.

Here’s the thing.

On September 18, the Dream Riding Group organized a Sanshanji riding activity.

After the activity in the afternoon, on the way back, a cyclist fell down accidentally to avoid the potholes on the road, which led to coma on the spot, and many injuries on his body, so he needed to be sent to a doctor in time.

The riders quickly dialed 120, and the other side said they would not be able to come for a while.

At this time, Shifu Ye, 120, of Yuhua Hospital, had a rest on Sunday and drove his own van by.

It may be a professional habit.

It is his bounden duty to save the dying and heal the wounded.

Without saying a word, immediately stop and take the initiative to carry out rescue, and send the injured rider to the Yuhua Branch of Nanjing First Hospital for rescue.

The Yuhua Branch has limited conditions and cannot be treated.

Master Ye drives the person to the municipal hospital again.

Due to the timely treatment, the wounded quickly turned the corner.

The injured riders were still at home and could not come to the scene.

On behalf of the Dream Riding Group and the accidentally injured riders, Mr.

Xiao and I would like to thank Master Ye for his great love and send this banner of “selfless dedication, saving lives” to convey positive energy and appeal to everyone to learn from him! Our society needs more caring people.

On that day, Sister Shan, Brother Feng of Nanjing and Sunshine also accompanied the injured cyclist to the hospital.

They also paid medical fees in advance, which made the cyclist very moved and said: “The Dream Riding Group is really a team with love”.

Here we also want to praise these enthusiastic riders.

Your love will also be passed on to more people and learn from them················ THE.