These five stretches are required before and after riding

Key points of stretching hip and pelvis: bend the front leg, and the ankle should be directly below the knee or slightly forward (if the knee is in front of the ankle, the knee joint may be damaged); Support the ground with the front soles of the hind feet, which can make the hind legs stretch more straight; Keep one hand on the cart to keep balance and the other hand gently at the waist.

Hold this position for 10 ~ 20s, and then stretch the other limb with the same action.

This action can enhance the flexibility of the hip (the joint at the top of the thigh) and pelvis.

Key points of leg stretching: one hand holds the handlebar, the other arm rests on the cushion, the upper body is slightly bent about 45 °, the front legs are bent, the toes are forward, the hind legs are straight, and the hips are slowly moved forward.

When stretching, the waist should not be bent, the heels of the hind feet should not be off the ground, and the toes of the hind feet can point forward or slightly inward.

Hold this position for 10 ~ 15s, and then stretch with the other leg.

This action can stretch the calf, make the calf more flexible and powerful, and promote leg blood circulation.

Key points of stretching quadriceps femoris and knee: hold the handlebar with the right hand to maintain balance, hold the front of the right foot with the left hand, and gently pull the heel of the right foot to the hip.

At this time, the knee will bend naturally.

Hold this position for 10 ~ 20s, and then change the other leg.

The stretching force is appropriate to avoid pain.

This action can stretch the quadriceps femoris in the front of the thigh, prevent thigh cramps and improve knee flexibility.

When stretching, it is normal to feel acid swelling on the thigh side.

Key points of stretching waist: hold the frame with both hands to maintain balance, squat completely from the standing position, and the heels of both feet should be separated by 10 ~ 30cm.

Hold this position for 5 ~ 10s, and then stand up slowly.

This action can relax the waist, relieve the tension of the waist, and stretch the knee, back, ankle, Achilles tendon and other parts.

Not everyone can squat easily.

If your knee is injured or under treatment, be careful when doing this.

Key points of stretching back and shoulders: hold the front and cushion with both hands, spread your legs, point your toes to the front, move your upper body down slowly, and bend your knees slightly at the same time.

Hold this position for 5 ~ 20s.

This action can stretch the upper body and relieve the pain in the back and shoulders after riding.

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