There is a life called cycling!

Riding has taught us these # develop good habits # a good habit may not make you successful, but success often depends on good habits.

Riding is not simply to measure the earth with your legs and bicycle wheels, and then let you enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

Riding is a habit and a way of life.

It lets you know that even if there are many pressures in your life, there is one thing that can let you release and keep healthy regularly…

When it becomes your habit and integrates into your life, success will follow# Persistence is the key # Continuous cycling is the key.

Three days of fishing, two days of basking in the net, one week of chicken blood riding, next week, do nothing.

Three minutes of heat will never make you really successful in anything.

As long as you stick to it a little every day, you will get healthy and the results you want.

As long as you can make changes little by little, work hard in the right direction, and don’t give up halfway, you have already succeeded more than half# There must be gains and losses # Riding a bike can get sunburnt, may get sunburn, and has sunburn, which is unbearable for people who pay attention to maintenance.

Is that why they should give up riding? There are gains and losses.

If you like cycling, you should give up the privilege of living a life where you know what you want before you know what to give up# Make a reasonable plan # “I want to challenge climbing, I want to participate in competitions, I want to…”.

If we want to make good progress on the road of cycling, we need to make a reasonable training plan, and then make a plan by stages according to the goals to achieve step by step.

An orderly and reasonable plan can help simplify complex things and help you solve many problems in life more efficiently.

Reasonable planning can also let you know what needs to be paid before you reach the goal, which is often the key to turning seemingly impossible into possible# Low level error # I had an experience before.

When I went through a tunnel, the lights were dim like fireflies with the lights on.

I wondered: How could a newly charged battery behave like this? Is the lamp broken? Later, someone pointed out that the sunglasses had not been removed.

Life often makes such a low-level mistake of “looking for the key with the key”.

Low level mistakes can be used as jokes, and principle mistakes can be fatal# Combine work with rest # When you are tired, taking a proper rest will speed up the overall process.

Don’t give up rest in order to hurry, and make yourself very tired.

There is still a long way to go, so we have to catch up bit by bit# Patience, patience, patience # It often takes time for a good thing to happen, and so does cycling.

It takes time to reduce fat by cycling, and it also takes time to make your muscles stronger by cycling…

Even if you are on the right road, you need patience to see dramatic changes.

Being too eager for success will often make you start to question yourself and lose confidence, thus disrupting your own rhythm and leading to failure in the middle.

However, quick success is often ineffective or difficult to sustain for a long time# The dream is too beautiful, but it needs to pay # “I want to ride to Tibet, I want to travel around China, and I want to…” Don’t always talk about it.

If you really want to experience it, take action! The same is true of life.

If you have a dream, you must take action.

Otherwise, you will always cheat yourself.

No matter how difficult it is ahead, believe in yourself, and you can# Take care of yourself # Taking care of yourself should always be a higher priority.

Therefore, we do not recommend riding too fast or too fast.

When riding, safety should be put first, helmet should be worn and equipment should be checked.

Only when you are physically and mentally healthy can you love people around you better and make more contributions to the society# Pay attention to and enjoy the process # No matter where our current destination is, we always want to go further after arriving, which is the driving force for our continuous progress.

Because of this, we should enjoy the richness and comfort of the process, which is also the charm of riding, enjoying the process and enjoying the results.

The most important thing is never stop, never give up.

Unfavorable things will surely pass.

After all, dangerous mountains and dangerous waters haven’t knocked us down, and there is no difficulty we can’t get through~..