There are many hidden dangers in riding on the road, and Kunming traffic police have exposed a new batch of illegal acts of electric

Can an electric bicycle take a motorway? The answer to this question is obvious, but many e-bike riders forget the rules of their own ways for convenience.

A few days ago, Kunming traffic police exposed the latest illegal behavior of electric vehicles.

The traffic police in Kunming exposed a new batch of illegal behaviors of electric vehicles.

Six electric bicycles were exposed because they were driving on the road, and they also occupied bus lanes.

On the morning of November 10, the reporter came to a bus stop to observe, and found that in addition to the bus stop, there are subway stations in this section.

If citizens want to transfer buses and subways, they must cross the non motorized lane between the sidewalk and the bus stop.

When some electric vehicles ride pedestrians here, they will “bypass” and pass through the bus lane.

Waiting citizens: “It’s very unsafe.

He (an electric bicycle rider) should walk in different lanes.

He can walk in any lane he wants, and may hit people.” Waiting citizens: “There is a safety hazard.

As soon as the bus is pulled over, he (an electric bicycle) will come over and hit people.” As soon as the citizen’s voice was heard, several electric bicycles roared past the bus lane.

You can see that this cyclist has slowed down when he arrived at the bus stop and intends to pass through the non motorized lane.

But for some reason, he suddenly braked and turned into the bus lane.

Look at these two big brothers, who occupy the bus lane and still go against it, totally unaware that they have violated the traffic regulations.

Later, the reporter visited along Renmin West Road and Haiyuan Middle Road, and found that there were not a few electric bicycles driving on the road, and even cyclists directly rode on the sidewalk.

Citizen: “The electric bicycle always goes to the sidewalk, and he (the rider) also asks you to give way, which I think is wrong.” Citizen: “I look scared.

You should pay attention to your safety no matter how fast you are in a hurry.

No matter who you hit, you should pay compensation.

You can take whatever road you want.” The traffic police prompts, According to the relevant provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, if the road is divided into motorways, non motorways and sidewalks according to the road conditions and traffic needs, motor vehicles, non motor vehicles and pedestrians shall pass in separate lanes.

Where there are no motor vehicle lanes, non motor vehicle lanes and sidewalks, motor vehicles shall pass in the middle of the road, and non motor vehicles and pedestrians shall pass on both sides of the road; Driving non motor vehicles on roads shall comply with the provisions on traffic safety.

Non motor vehicles shall run in non motor vehicle lanes; On a road without a non motor vehicle lane, the driver shall drive on the right side of the roadway; When driving an electric bicycle on the road, it is not allowed to enter the motorway unless it is legally allowed to drive on the road.

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