There are also tips for riding and climbing

Climbing is an individual’s work.

Every time I’m tired and panting, how can I climb easily and comfortably? When we increase the number of revolutions, it is natural to use the muscles of all parts of the body in a balanced way, so that we will not put all our forces on the place to step on, resulting in specific muscle fatigue and cramps.

On the other hand, there are many small places that should be noticed.

I wonder if you have done it? [breathing is the most fundamental problem] if the rhythm of breathing is intense panting, shallow breathing, taking a big breath at a time, spitting too fast at a time, etc., your breathing and spitting rhythm will be disordered.

The whole climbing process may take 1 hour, 3 hours or even 6 hours.

You must keep the same rhythm from beginning to end, Some people are used to 2 inhalation and 2 vomiting, and others will suck and vomit.

In fact, they are the same, that is, the breathing rhythm can be consistent.

Calm breathing rhythm can make the movement performance more stable rhythm.

It is very important in all kinds of aerobic exercise.

Only a smooth breathing rhythm can make the oxygen fully used.

Disorderly shallow breathing will make the body unable to make effective use of oxygen.

[physical relaxation and psychological relaxation] the so-called relaxation means that your body should not be too stiff.

Many people start climbing, and their upper body, waist and wrist begin to become stiff.

It is because of heavy stepping that the rotation number decreases, and then step hard.

The result is that your body is too stiff.

After climbing for a period, your waist starts to sour, and your arms start to sour The shoulders and neck began to sour.

In fact, it was a series of effects.

Generally, we don’t climb the slope directly at the same time in the route arrangement.

In most cases, there will be some flat roads as a warm-up.

The rotation number will be maintained at 80rpm to 100RPM.

When we start climbing, the rotation number will be maintained at more than 70rpm as much as possible.

We should do a good job in changing the gear ratio first, and don’t wait until we start climbing and decelerating.

In retrospect, when you increase the number of revolutions, the natural treading will not be so hard.

It will focus on the gear plate from 3 o’clock to 6 o’clock, and the waist and shoulders will also show a more natural rhythm.

A slight bending of the arm can also be used as a buffer space.

The rest depends on the degree of personal muscle strength.

[proper rest] this does not mean to stop to rest, but to let the muscles rest evenly during the ride; Generally, we all think that we can sit back a little when climbing the slope and keep the center of gravity back.

Most of this posture will use the normal muscle range, but what about the sore legs? In fact, it’s also a good way to change the position, move forward a little, or stand up and smoke a car.

Change the use of muscle groups a little, so that the tired muscles can be relieved.

After the change, it’s best to return to the original position and continue to maintain the rhythm.

Pumping will make you consume a lot of energy in an instant.

Unless you want to surpass your opponent or a small steep slope, it is not recommended to pump often.

Standing up and pumping can change the muscle groups used, and the position of holding the driver’s handle can also be changed interactively.

Sometimes holding the upper handle, sometimes holding the change handle and sometimes holding the lower handle can help the upper body to change the muscle groups used, so as to relieve fatigue.

In addition, we can also do some core muscle training at ordinary times, which can strengthen the continuity and stability of the abdomen, upper and lower limbs.

Of course, it’s also a good choice to stop and rest when you’re tired!..