The “Wanmei Mountains and Rivers” cycling race starts in Shitai!

Xin’an Evening News News of Anhui: Ride the beautiful landscapes of Anhui and share selenium rich and negative oxygen.

In the early winter, Shitai County, Chizhou City, has picturesque scenery, mountains are empty and misty, and the Qiupu River is full of poetic light and beautiful scenery.

On November 20, the first Anhui “Wanmei Mountains and Rivers” Cycling Race (Shitai Station) and the first China Shitai Road Cycling Open Race opened in this poetic scene.

Qin Xu, deputy director of Anhui Provincial Sports Bureau, announced the opening of the competition.

Cao Xia, deputy mayor of Chizhou Municipal People’s Government, Jin Wu, secretary of Shitai County Party Committee and other leaders and guests fired guns for the competition.

This competition is the first stop of the first “Wanmei Mountains and Rivers” cycling race in Anhui Province, attracting nearly 500 competitors from all over the province.

The competition consists of four competition groups: men’s road elite group, men’s mountain elite group, men’s mountain master group, women’s mountain group and one amateur group: riding group.

The total prize of the competition is 69000 yuan.

The competitors of each group set out in batches to stage a grand event of 100 people riding and racing along the Qiupu River.

After fierce competition, Wuhu Shenshankou Team, Anhui United Team, Huixing China Team 1 and Pingtan International Tourism Island Women’s Force Team KIAE United Team won the championship of Men’s Highway Elite Group, Men’s Mountain Elite Group, Men’s Mountain Master Group and Women’s Mountain Group respectively.

The cycling group, which aims to promote the “happy fitness action” and promote the development of cycling, has attracted a large number of local cycling enthusiasts in Chizhou to participate in the competition.

The cycling group only records personal achievements, not ranking.

The Qiupu River on that day has clean water and green ecological beauty, and the scenic road has changed its old appearance.

The whole course of the track is 38km, starting from Dalong Bay and ending at Guniujiang Scenic Area.

Along the Qiupu River Scenic Road, it passes Bailuwan Park, Qianqian Mountain Square, the living room of China Ecological Selenium Metropolis, Xiangkou Park and other scenic spots.

In order to shorten the distance between cycling and the people of Shitai, there are also four “gas stations” along the track to show the warm, hospitable, simple and kind local customs of the people of Shitai with Tai Chi, cheerleading, drum music performances, etc.

In recent years, Shitai County has attached great importance to the development of national fitness activities.

Sports venues and facilities in the county have been constantly improved.

National fitness activities have been vigorously carried out, and the concept of sports health has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The first stop of the first “Anhui Beautiful Mountains and Rivers” cycling race in Anhui Province landed at Shitai, which not only became a sports event in the whole county, but also showed the new image of Shitai as “the most beautiful mountain town in China’s original ecology” to the whole province.

Jin Wu, secretary of the Shitai County Party Committee, said that Shitai County will take the opportunity of hosting this competition, deeply implement the development concept of “sports+tourism”, continue to expand the influence of Shitai tourist destinations, and effectively strengthen the tourism of the whole region, so that the business cards of “China’s Ecological Selenium Capital” and “China’s Most Beautiful Original Ecological Mountain Township” will be amazed across the country.

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