The third day of “riding in China”, from Xi’an to Hanzhong!

The first stop of “riding in China” large-scale immersive financial media live broadcast “let’s go to Lhasa” jointly planned by Shandong TV culture and tourism channel, lightning news and Jinan Avenue heavy machinery club.

Since June 13, our riding live broadcast team has crossed Shandong, Henan On June 15, we will set out from Xi’an, Shaanxi Province to meet the Wei River, which is called the “clear distinction between the Wei River and the Wei River”.

We will cross the “dividing line between the north and the south of China” and enter the Hanzhong plain to reach the “Fortress into Sichuan”.

Guangyuan, an important town of the Three Kingdoms, is located at the northern edge of Sichuan, transiting from mountain to basin.

The terrain is inclined from north to Southeast, and the relative height difference of the ridge can reach more than 3200 meters.

(shot by Zhaohui of Guangyuan City Style) since June 13, Shandong TV culture and tourism channel has been watching TV central video, lightning news app, culture and tourism slow live broadcast, Tiktok, Kwai, video number, Sina Weibo and other network platforms for 15 consecutive days!..