The spring of Qiandao Lake is full of vitality because of cycling!

When winter goes and spring comes, it’s time for all things to recover.

It’s said that Qiandao Lake is a paradise for cycling.

Whether you are a cyclist, a cyclist or just want to ride a bike to enjoy spring, you can find your cycling route in Qiandao Lake.

Why do you like cycling in Qiandao Lake? Because it really stabbed my heart! Most of the cycling roads of Qiandao Lake are built around the island.

There are mountains, lakes and forests along the way In recent years, many international and national road bicycle competitions have opened in Qiandao Lake.

Flowers bloom in spring.

Come to Qiandao Lake to experience the international Introduction to the same track bar route of the national highway bicycle competition: Qiandao Lake Square – Qiandao Lake Bridge – Jieshou Township – Jiangjia town – Langchuan Township – fenkou town.

The route features: the total length is about 70 kilometers.

The route has beautiful scenery, flat and good road surface, long cycling route and large amount of exercise.

It is suitable for cycling enthusiasts, as well as competition, fitness Sightseeing and experience.

Scenic spots along the way: XIAOJINSHAN bridge, Hongye Bay, Meifeng viewing platform, Zhuli post station, Wenyuan Shicheng, Longchuan Bay, Qinchuan ancient village, fenkou ecological wetland, etc.

Route introduction: Qiandao Lake Plaza – Qiandao Lake Bridge – Qianfen line – Jieshou Township – Jiangjia town – Langchuan Township – fenkou town – Fengshuling town – Dashu town – Anyang Township – shangjiangbu bridge – Qiandao Lake Tourist Wharf – Qiandao Lake Plaza.

The route features: the total length is about 160 kilometers, and Qianfen line and Chunyang line are combined into one, It is a self driving route combining dynamic and challenge.

There are not only the Qianfen line with beautiful scenery and tunnel shuttle, but also the Chunyang line with nine turns and eighteen turns and mountains around the lake, which is both exciting and full of infinite fun; You can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains, but also enjoy the unique rural beauty.

It is a classic route for riding around the lake.

Due to the long distance, ordinary tourists are recommended to ride in two days.

Scenic spots along the way: Hongye Bay, XIAOJINSHAN bridge, Wenyuan Shicheng, Longchuan Bay, Qinchuan ancient village, fenkou ecological wetland, Xiajiang village, Qiandao Lake Grand Canyon, shangjiangbu bridge, cycling bridge, etc.

Route Description: Qiandao Lake Square – North Huanhu road – Pingshan – Provincial Highway 06 – huangzhishan bridge – Jinfu line – forest oxygen bar – Fuwen Qingtian route features: the route is about 40 kilometers long, with large fluctuations, but beautiful environment and rich rural scenery, which is suitable for sports and leisure.

Attractions along the way: Qiandao Lake beer town, Linhai Guizhen, wangzigu rafting, forest oxygen bar, Geling farmhouse demonstration site, etc.

Car rental tips: all hotels, post stations, camps, tourism consulting service outlets and bicycle rental points in Qiandaohu town can rent bicycles.

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