The short video solicitation activity of “Happy Riding” has started. Come and participate!

In order to pass on the concept of green environmental protection, we strongly advocate the masses to participate in civilized and green actions and share a healthy life.

The Municipal Civilization Office, in combination with the action of “civilized transportation and green travel”, will now carry out the short video collection activity of “very happy riding”.

Let’s go cycling is very happy.

The short video collection activity has started.

No matter you are a commuter or a fitness expert who enjoys cycling, you can focus on cycling in your life The Good Times of Low Carbon Transport Citizens can upload the original short riding video works with a duration of less than 1 minute through Sina Weibo with the topic # Happy Riding # and @ Shantou Civilization Network to share your riding stories and spread the concept of “green travel, you and I travel together” to jointly practice the green and low carbon travel cultural activity time September 25, 2022 – September 28, 2022 When shooting requirements for riding, traffic regulations should be strictly observed, Ensure your own safety, and do not shoot under other circumstances that hinder traffic safety.

The top 30 of the comprehensive popularity (forwarding+liking) of the activity reward topic video can get a green travel prize.

The organizer shall contact the participants to receive the prizes.

First prize (5) Second prize (10) Third prize (15) Come here, everyone @ your friends, and join in the green and low-carbon cycling activities! Source | Editor of Civilized Shantou | Zhou Jiaxin is here to understand Chaonan.

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