The seventh phase of cycling: race track cycling on October 15 @+live CS

There is a unique and wonderful way to exercise.

A bicycle, a group of partners, compete with the wind and shuttle lightly in the track.

Camp content: track riding/picnic/live CS Camp time: October 15 Camp object: children over 6 years old to participate in the camp independently Number of people: less than 20 exquisite small group Camp Significance: self-confidence, perseverance, courage to challenge, rule awareness and team cooperation 1 Activity highlights Professional equipment, a road cross-country bicycle with superior performance, is the key to ensure your riding safety and speed.

Before riding, we need to know about bicycles and learn about riding.


Understand the structure of off-road bicycles 2.

How to change gears, brake, stand up, etc.


Driving essentials in different types of terrain Turn passing skill challenges For kids who love riding, the curve is the key to riding! The children can also easily control the 10km entry level riding challenge of children who continuously turn around the pile.

You will experience something new than ever before.

Professional track The fully enclosed professional track can give you enough sense of security and improve the skills of straight acceleration and deceleration in turning.

Let you enjoy your foot riding addiction.

Happy picnic energy supply Some people say that you must have a picnic to complete the ride.

Hamburgers, egg tarts…

I’m in a beautiful mood! The order of “prepare for battle” has been issued by the live CS, who picks up his gun, shuttles through the jungle, dodges, aims and shoots.

Professional CS site, with smooth and open terrain and alternate tall and short trees, has no trouble of sun exposure.

Enjoy yourself! If 0 basic students want to sign up for the activity, please contact the teacher for details* The copy and idea of this activity are all original in New North America, please do not plagiarize or imitate * Camp information Activity time: October 15, Enrollment target: children over 6 years old to participate independently (no parents visit) Activity cost: 268 yuan/person (the cost includes round-trip fare, meals, venue fees, project fees, team leader teachers, insurance and all other costs) Registration discount: 198 yuan/person for group purchase and forwarding links for 3 people, Members’ forwarding link is 188 yuan/person (the link should be kept for at least 24 hours, and it is invalid to delete it in seconds).

Warm tips: * The activity is not negotiable, and members’ registration is directly deducted from the membership card.

* Build a group the day before the activity, and uniformly publish the departure and assembly time and spare parts registration procedures.

Step 1: Identify the following two-dimensional code, Add WeChat (if the QR code is full, please add the QR code 2) Step 2: Send the child information to WeChat (the child’s name+gender+school+grade+ID number+contact number) Step 3: Transfer through WeChat Step 4: After the teacher confirms that the registration is successful, the registration must read 1.

The children must be healthy and have certain self-care ability; Have the excellent quality of being kind to others.


This activity is a training platform for children to take care of themselves and help each other.

The following children are not allowed to sign up: they have uncivilized behavior of beating and swearing; Children with poor self-discipline, non-compliance with rules, disobedience to arrangements, temper tantrums and other bad behaviors.


Grouping principle: children are grouped according to the principle of equal distribution of age and gender.

This mixed age arrangement forms a family atmosphere of brothers and sisters, enabling children to learn spontaneously with older children, who have a sense of value to be needed.


According to past experience, conflicts and disputes usually occur among children of the same age.

If children who sign up together are strongly required to be grouped together, please ensure that several children will not fight.


Seat allocation principle: take the bus as a group.

The front two seats are used to relieve carsick children.

Please instruct the carsick children to take plastic bags, not drink milk, avoid dairy products, and not eat lollipops and other food with sticks in advance to ensure driving safety.


The principle of room allocation: if there is accommodation, children’s free combination shall prevail, supplemented by the adjustment of the organizer.

Men and women live separately, male leaders live with boys, female leaders live with girls, and female leaders live with boys as needed.


The children must take good care of the equipment and public facilities in the camp, and the parents shall compensate according to the price in case of any damage.


The organizer has the right to adjust the activity sequence or temporarily modify the activity content according to the weather or other force majeure factors during the activity period before the launch.


Accidental scratches are unavoidable in outdoor activities.

If parents cannot accept them, please do not sign up for children.

Disclaimer 1.

All children who sign up for this activity must be healthy and free from heart disease, allergies, epilepsy, infectious diseases and mental diseases.

All consequences of accidents caused by concealing illness shall be borne by the participants themselves.


In order to ensure the safe and orderly implementation of the activities, participants must comply with the relevant safety systems and safety reminders of the organizer, and follow the unified command during the activities.

Do not fall behind in activities at designated locations and areas, listen carefully to various operating instructions, and carry out as required.

No matter when, where or what, it is strictly prohibited to act alone.

If children leave the team without permission and accidents occur, they shall bear their own responsibility.


The organizer will uniformly provide personal accident insurance for all members participating in the event.

In case of an accident, unless the organizer is expressly required by law to bear the responsibility, the relevant losses will be borne by the insurance company and the event participants.


If children carry mobile phones and change, valuables shall be kept by themselves.

The organizer will not be responsible for any loss or damage.


The parents told the children to be united and friendly, and not to fight or have money disputes.

If the above problems occur between children, the parents of both parties should solve them by themselves after the event if the organizer’s coordination is ineffective.


If you have any questions, you can consult any of our teachers at any time, and we will serve you wholeheartedly..