The “one car is hard to get” 100 billion market continues to heat up due to the cycling fever

Our reporter Li Zhu and Liu Wang reported in Beijing that in spring and summer, many people began to use bicycles as a new choice of travel tools, and outdoor cycling also set off a boom.

At the same time, there was a phenomenon of “one car is hard to find” in the bicycle market.

Hu Jia, who was about to take up his post, wanted to choose a favorite road car.

He went to several stores and was told to wait at least three months.

A new round of “riding fever” is also boosting the development of related industries.

The reporter of China Business Daily has 900000 + Notes on “riding” on the little red book platform, and 10000 + entries such as “riding equipment” and “riding camping”.

Recently, the reporter contacted the offline stores of giant, Merida and Xide Sheng to inquire about the sales volume.

Many responsible persons said that the sales volume has increased by about 30% recently, but it is generally out of stock, and the main sales models are particularly in short supply.

In this regard, experts believe that cycling will continue to heat up in the future.

Zhang Qing, founder and CEO of Beijing key way sports Consulting Co., Ltd., pointed out that cycling has entered a new stage of vigorous development in the past twoorthree years.

Chinese people gradually regard it as a healthy lifestyle, and have stimulated the expansion of the medium and high-end bicycle market.

After this round of “cycling fever”, the social and psychological needs of the public eager to be close to nature will also further promote the development of outdoor sports.

China has always been a big bicycle country with a good industrial foundation.

With the boost under the “double carbon” background, it will have an obvious driving effect on the upstream and downstream industrial chains of bicycles in the future, such as riding related equipment, events, short distance tours, etc.

“It’s hard to get a car.” recently, I went to six stores and told me that the most common thing was that there were no goods in stock and no goods were transferred.

” Hu Jia said about her experience of shopping for bicycles everywhere.

It is understood that what she wants to choose is a road car of a certain brand.

The price is about 15000 yuan.

Because the models and colors are popular, she needs to book and wait for goods.

There are not many young people like Hu Jia who have gone to great lengths to buy a road car.

Previously, according to CCTV, the sales of bicycles and related cycling products rose sharply before the May Day holiday, and the sales of bicycles in some stores increased by 30%.

At the same time, many popular models are in short supply.

Not only are there hot demand in the sales stores, but also there is a scene of “one car is hard to find” in the rental stores.

The reporter learned that since April this year, the rental sales of bicycles around the 100 kilometer ring Greenway in Chengdu have become increasingly popular, and there will be “passengers without cars” every weekend.

Wang Jie, a bicycle dealer in Chengdu, said that the sales volume of bicycles increased by 50% over the same period in previous years.

At present, road vehicles are “basically out of stock”.

The reporter learned from several off-line bicycle stores that at present, bicycles with a price of 10000 ~ 15000 yuan are the most popular.

Recently, some popular models are out of stock.

The stores have reported the hot sales to the manufacturers and applied for overtime treatment.

According to Wang Tuo (a pseudonym), the sales of bicycles in the first quarter of this year showed a significant growth compared with the same period in previous years.

The year before last, affected by the epidemic, foreign factories stopped production.

Wang Tuo’s company seized the opportunity of production development, and its products were mainly exported.

However, this year, domestic orders have increased significantly, and the overall order rate has more than doubled that of last year.

At present, the order has been scheduled for next year.

According to the data of researchandmarkets, the global bicycle market value in 2020 was US $43.7 billion.

The growth caused by the epidemic is expected to continue for five years or more.

It is conservatively expected that the global bicycle market value will reach US $82.3 billion in 2027, and it is optimistic that it will reach us $140.5 billion in 2027.

Wang Jie believes that the current bicycle industry is gradually warming up, and the bicycle sales of peers have increased by at least one third.

Behind the arrival of the “riding fever” that “one car is hard to find” is a new round of riding fever set off by the Chinese people.

According to the data of, at present, the main group of cyclists is the young and middle-aged people aged 18-40, accounting for 69.89%, and 70.12% of the users who insist on high-frequency cycling every week.

This has directly driven the upgrading of relevant equipment.

Zhang Qing analyzed the reasons for the rise of this round of “riding fever” in China.

“First, riding itself is an alternative means of transportation, and its role is bound to be highlighted when public transport is affected.

Second, travel is limited, and people are more eager to get close to nature and further speed up the movement.” Zhang Qing pointed out that previously, in the minds of Chinese people, bicycles were only used as a means of transportation.

However, in the past twoorthree years, the public’s consumer psychology has changed.

With the increase of professional cyclists, the consumption of medium – and high-end equipment has also increased.

Among them, the overall income of the high-end bicycle market has increased by more than 20%, and bicycles above 1000 yuan have also increased slightly, with an increase of more than 13%.

Internet worker Gao Da (a pseudonym) told the reporter that he began to pay attention to cycling in 2021.

At present, he has spent more than 50000 yuan on cycling equipment, including road vehicles of about 30000 yuan, and the rest are equipment and maintenance costs such as helmets, clothing, code watches, frequency pedals, and riding platforms.

The reporter learned that the types of bicycles include balance bike, station wagon, mountain bike and road bike.

The price starts at 1000, and the top is not capped; Nowadays, most young people choose giant, Merida, Decathlon and other brands, and more consumers will choose lightning, Trek and other high-end bicycle brands; Correspondingly, the professional cycling equipment series of yelvqi, Li Ning and Sanfu outdoor are also constantly promoting new ones.

According to the latest data released by the China Bicycle Association, in the first half of last year, the operating income of Enterprises above designated size was 35.71 billion yuan, an increase of 45.4% year-on-year; The profit was 1.36 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 77.0%..