The old man rode from Gansu to Suqian for more than five months just to

Recently, an enthusiastic netizen took a picture of an old grandfather with simple clothes riding a tricycle from Gansu to a friend’s home in Siyang without navigation I don’t know the way.

I rode by myself for nearly five months.

My car broke down and my number was lost.

Enthusiastic netizens saw it.

They were full of heartache.

My grandpa gave me some food.

My grandpa’s teeth were bad.

I had to eat a little soft.

I looked at this age.

I hope my grandpa can make an appointment with my old friends as soon as possible.

The netizens commented on the source of Suqian Dayanghe from Yanghe New Area, Yangbei, Tuyuan, Zhongyang, Linhe, Chenji, Nancai, Luowei Yanghua and other towns around Yanghe New Area.

Subcenter of Suqian, the core area of Jiudu, with a population of about 500000.

The content orientation of Dayang River is based on the 20 minute drive life circle around Yanghe New Area, and care about the big and small things here, and the warm and cold feelings.

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