The of riding equipment — motorcycle protective warm clothing is with you all the year round. Do you need it or not?

#Riding equipment # like long-term cyclists, we all know that the most wanton season of the year is spring and autumn.

For extremely hot and cold summer and winter, the car will be closed according to its own situation.

Then, for the required riding equipment, a warm underwear for four seasons has become the first choice.

This can not only protect the body, but also reduce the riding cost.

Will such four seasons thermal underwear be what you need? Let’s see what the features are.

For knights who are skilled or have a certain riding history, the awareness of riding safety comes first, and the riding clothes for daily riding are also necessary.

This requires a comfortable thermal underwear, which can not only keep warm, but also bring no sense of bondage, so that the rider’s riding posture can provide higher comfort.

The warm cycling clothes of the four seasons will have the function of 3D kissing the skin, that is, it has strechfit material, which can perfectly fit with human skin, making users more comfortable to wear without cumbersome feeling.

Especially for people with imperfect body shape, they don’t have a sense of restraint when wearing them, just like they don’t wear them.

The overall clothing is cut according to the human body structure, which is more suitable for the rider’s body.

What can achieve the four seasons cycling underwear is that the material composition is 75% polyamide, 20% polyester and 5% spandex.

This polyamide is a high-strength synthetic fiber, which has the characteristics of high strength, higher wear resistance than other fibers and higher breaking strength.

It has excellent resilience and fatigue resistance and small specific gravity.

It is the lightest fiber except ethylene fiber and polypropylene fiber, with strong alkali resistance.

Spandex is an elastic fiber with high strength, finer density and better degradation resistance.

Spandex has good acid and alkali resistance, sweat resistance, seawater resistance, dry cleaning resistance and wear resistance.

These materials are combined to achieve the functional characteristics of large elasticity, wear resistance, good resilience, light material, no sense of weight-bearing and strong wrinkle resistance, which is convenient for riders to ride.

Using 3D weaving technology and seamless processing, there is no unnecessary burden on the whole body, which is simple and generous.

The main color of black and blue can reflect the feeling of refinement.

The design of dark patterns is overall and low-key.

The shape of the pattern is combined with the rider’s figure.

If there is fat, it can play a thin effect.

If it is a standard figure, it can show the advantage of the figure.

Is this kind of thermal underwear for four seasons the riding equipment you need? Welcome to like comments.

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