The most complete introduction to riding

Pay attention to the “riding king” and watch the world ride! Bicycle basic sports bicycle {this “cycling” is not that “cycling”.

Cycling as an Olympic project, the cycling referred to in this paper only refers to cycling, not daily cycling! Bicycle is the most important equipment for cycling.

Whether it is long-distance cycling or short-distance cycling, the first step before going on the road is to choose the most suitable bicycle.

Classification of bicycles} common sports bicycles include mountain bicycles, road bicycles, folding bicycles, travel bicycles and so on.

Road bicycle is like a sports car in a bicycle.

It is a bicycle specially designed for riding on the road.

It has the characteristics of low driving resistance on smooth road, high gear, narrow tire and large wheel diameter.

It is fast, comfortable and suitable for long-distance riding.

Mountain bikes can adapt to various road conditions and are suitable for use in complex environments.

Traction and shock absorption are also the most outstanding.

Folding bicycles have the comfort of mountain bikes and the lightness of road bikes.

Loaded with luggage racks, they are long-distance coaches.

Its biggest advantage is convenience.

After folding, you can take large vehicles, or ride farther through 4 + 2.

Therefore, since its birth, it has been deeply loved by riders.

The travel bicycle is developed from the road bicycle, which is suitable for ultra long-distance self-sufficient travel.

It has a more comfortable and relaxed frame geometric design, can load, has a very low minimum gear, and pursues reliability and durability in the selection of accessories.

Frame material: bicycle frame is the main body of a bicycle.

It can be said that the bicycle frame is the soul of the whole bicycle.

The quality of bicycle frame largely determines the overall performance of bicycle.

At present, there are many kinds of frame materials on the market, such as aluminum alloy, steel, carbon fiber, titanium alloy, etc.

Its performance and price are also very different.

When selecting the frame, we need to comprehensively consider the price, durability, hardness, weight and other issues, and select the frame suitable for ourselves.

Bicycle is composed of 25 parts such as frame, brake and tire.

Its basic parts are indispensable.

The frame is the skeleton of a bicycle, which should bear the weight of people or goods.

According to different system functions, bicycle parts are mainly divided into structural parts, transmission system, braking system, shock absorption system and so on.

Structural parts: composed of frame, wheel set and handlebar, it is the most basic part of bicycle.

Transmission system: it is composed of pedal, tooth disc, flywheel, chain and transmission.

Cyclists drive the bicycle forward by pedaling the pedal.

The toothed disc and flywheel are linked by chain, and different torque is obtained by adjusting different gear ratios through the transmission (similar to the principle of automobile transmission).

Braking system: it is composed of brake components, including V brake and disc brake.

Riders can operate the brake at any time to slow down and stop the running bicycle and ensure driving safety.

Shock absorber system: the shock absorber system is mainly used for mountain bikes, mainly including front fork shock absorber and rear shock absorber.

The front fork shock absorber has a hard fork, an oil spring and an air spring.

The rear shock absorber mainly includes spring and pneumatic shock absorber.

Riding is not a substitute for walking.

If you choose a suitable bike, you need to prepare some riding equipment and know some riding skills before riding on the road.

Safety essentials} sports are risky, especially cycling.

Before riding on the road, we must prepare necessary riding equipment, mainly including helmets, gloves and lights.

Riding helmets must be integrated.

Common helmets weigh between 200-300g and cost more than 100 yuan.

They must be worn horizontally.

For more information about helmets, please see “no helmets, no riding! How to choose your own helmet?”.

Riding gloves are also one of the essential equipment, because gloves can not only reduce the danger caused by sweating and slippery hands, but also absorb the vibration and impulse during riding and reduce hand numbness.

In addition, gloves can also be used to wipe sweat, and even provide protection when falling.

Female riders who are afraid of tanning can also protect themselves from the sun and the cold in winter.

The selection of gloves must be appropriate in size, and different gloves should be selected according to different purposes.

Riding lights are also one of the necessary equipment, especially when riding at night or in poor light.

For the selection of headlights, it is recommended to choose German standard lamps that are convenient to fix, rechargeable, floodlit, non dazzling and long service life.

For the rear light, it is recommended to select the red warning light, with flashing / constant light mode and rechargeable.

Comfort equipment} in addition to the necessary safety equipment, there are some commonly used riding equipment, which can improve the riding comfort, such as riding clothes, glasses, shoes, etc.

Riding clothes need to be close fitting, sweat wicking and comfortable.

In addition, it is not recommended to choose silicone cushion whether it is riding pants or riding cushion.

Long-term riding will block blood circulation because the gap between hip and cushion is filled.

The correct sitting posture should be two hip tips sitting on the two seat bags behind the cushion, so as to have good support and no perineum compression.

It is recommended to comprehensively consider the requirements of anti-skid, anti fog, anti ultraviolet, wind resistance, higher strength NXT, transmittance and so on.

Lock shoes, maybe many novices will think to lock shoes directly, or adapt first and then? The suggestion is to lock the shoes directly.

Although novices may forget to understand the lock at the beginning and fall at zero speed, when you get used to it, you will find the true meaning of cycling, not stepping on it, but really “pulling the car”.

Lift, push and step at one go, cruise directly 35 +, improve riding efficiency, and help correct riding posture..