The most beautiful autumn leaf season for riding the Chaoyang Green Road

Riding on both sides of the Chaoyang Green Road is full of rich autumn.

This autumn leaves season, you can walk into the autumn of Chaoyang together.

You can feel the circulation of the four seasons~9.5km ride on the Chaoyang Green Road 🚴 Route: from the north of Anli Road to the south gate of Wanghe Park North Park ⏱ Suggested time: 1-2 hour demonstration section road map The whole Chaoyang Greenway can be used as the destination for autumn appreciation.

The autumn leaf trees along the line change color quietly.

Look at the ginkgo trees and the blue sky.

Come to the forest land of the North Lake to feel the leisure of walking among the yellow leaves falling from the sycamores.

If you want to ride farther, you can go to the Chaoyang Greenway (Wangjing Ring Chaoyang Station) section for cycling, which will extend to Wangjing The total length of the construction along the Fourth Ring Road and Chaoyang Station is 25.5 km.

At present, in addition to the post station facilities, the middle green road has been built.

Early birds can also clock in and experience 25.5 km of Chaoyang Green Road in advance.

They can also experience the route map of the Beijing Ring Road Chaoyang Station section.

The Beijing Ring Road Chaoyang Station section is connected with many large, medium and small green spaces along the way, such as the lookout and park, the Sun Palace Sports Leisure Park, the Sun Palace Park, the Side Park, and the Chaoyang Park.

This section is located in Wangjing and the fourth ring road in the northeast, which is the core of Chaoyang District.

It connects the Liangma River waterfront space, Chaoyang Park, Chaoyang Station and other high-quality urban spaces and green spaces.

The autumn scenery along the way warmhearted tips Baidu Maps and Gaode Maps APP [Chaoyang Green Road] lines have been launched, and citizens can search for # Chaoyang Green Road # for navigation.

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