The magic city is hot for riding again, and the fish in Fengxian Shanghai is on fire!

Mordor Sports Cafe, please pay attention, Fengxian has a big move! Countless sports trendsetters come here to love and unlock a new way of sophisticated life at the weekend~the carnival of magic city riding enthusiasts – Fengxian Lake Rim “Riding ยท Walking” Home Activity, which officially starts this weekend in Shanghai’s Fish! While taking you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can feel the vitality of life.

Walk with the wind~professional riding roads, BMX performances, Fengxian Museum, New Youth LAB, Cultural and Tourism Posthouse…

and other Yuge New City card punches are fun to visit and release! Fengxian has become a popular gathering place for Demon City Chaoren to go out for sports.

Take the eyes of beauty discovery, ride with YES Shanghai, and deeply experience the beauty of Fengxian, the “C” position of southern Shanghai! If you want to find a sense of relaxation in the tight life, then have a good ride in Fengxian! Leave the annoyance and noise for a moment, and deeply experience the romance and tone of this city.

What you gain is not only a healthy body, but also a mind beyond the ordinary! As a treasure riding place only an hour’s drive from the downtown, Shanghai’s fish riding craze has become so popular that it is almost “traffic jam”! Not only countless cycling enthusiasts gather here, but also Cui Yinhao, the national cycling champion, often comes here to enjoy the freedom, open vision, smooth track, fresh air, and experience surprises in the beautiful scenery.

The fish in Shanghai vividly interprets the scenery.

About three or two friends walk side by side along the way, walking in the dense forests along the way, and the new cycling holy land gets a second of GET! The feeling of riding in Fengxian is that I believe I will fall in love once I try! How can there be less cool BMX track bike show in the hot cycling atmosphere! The OBP team from Jiangsu brought all kinds of difficult movements such as somersaults, rotations, and balances.

The extreme performance, which was super burning and super rustling, was cool and trendy, hit the audience.

From the coach’s words, the youngest performer was only 4 years old! Although he is young, he loves riding as much as others.

He was “familiar” on the court, and his actions were completed at one go, which made many adults feel inferior to him.

The coach also said that he hoped that more children could participate in this sport.

The future of extreme sports belongs to the teenagers! More than 50 cyclists are chasing their dreams on the Lake Rim Avenue and riding to serve the virtuous! Although it is a speed race, cyclists are more likely to enjoy the process and discover the beauty that they cannot notice on the ordinary road.

The competition between speed and wind, physical strength and endurance, and the magic city wind chasers enjoy the moment of happy riding while racing! I love riding all the way! Whether pursuing faster or farther, what remains unchanged is the sweat between the forehead and the free and open attitude towards life.

After the ride, you can also get your own medal and riding commemorative certificate, and get full joy.

This time, you can immerse yourself in the carefully planned practice of civilization in the new era at the activity site of “riding and walking” around the lake! Take part in a series of fun card games around the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, such as the reading of the 20th National Congress of Golden Sentences, the answering of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the jigsaw puzzle, and the guessing of song titles at the 9th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and you can get a point stamp as long as you finish it! Collect 9 chapters to get a souvenir.

The gifts inside are different.

The fresh and exciting feeling of the open blind box is easy to handle.

The Fengxian New City “Shanghai Fish” new era civilization practice circle is built with five parks around Shanghai Fish and eight “Luban Lock” cabins as the space carrier! The daily activities will also focus on theoretical preaching, voluntary exchanges, literature and culture, health education, science popularization, ecological and environmental protection, convenient services, sports and fitness, etc.

If you are interested, you can make an appointment to join us.

Fish in Shanghai also has a major feature, which is the small wooden houses full of “personality” that have sprung up from the ground! Taking the Chinese traditional Luban lock as the design prototype, create a space with rich levels and diverse interests by means of staggered layers and overhead.

In Yuge, we will regularly carry out the theme activities of the New Era Civilization Practice Center.

Provide free shared activity space for the new era civilization practice team in the region.

Don’t miss the~Bulu Nature Education School, with the teaching background of park green land and Jinhai Lake, and with the concept of “one small step in urban parks, the first step in nature”, offers the citizens with unique regional characteristics of natural education and exploration activities.

It can not only make people better understand the composition of the ecosystem, but also improve their manual skills.

This is the “sports center” in the cabin! Centering on the three functions of “convenient service, exhibition and investment attraction”, the post station is built into a place for outdoor runners and parent-child families to rest and serve.

At the same time, it is also a display and publicity platform for various cultural brands and a meeting room for business negotiations.

Welcome to make an appointment.

The new youth LAB system uses the modern advanced digital five axis concept to conduct three-dimensional carving and polishing.

By setting up an X-axis I live broadcast laboratory Y-axis shared laboratory, Z-axis innovation and development laboratory, A-axis inspiration laboratory, C-axis Yuma laboratory provide different practice platforms for new youth! At the same time, it is also one of the “public welfare+public” party mass service sites built along the “fish landscape belt” in Shanghai.

If you are tired, you can come to rest.

At the same time, it also provides a series of warm services such as water collection, charging and storage.

In line with the concept of promoting traditional Chinese medicine culture and inheriting traditional Chinese medicine culture, Kangjun Pavilion provides convenient services such as rest places, free drinking water, emergency rescue boxes, love umbrellas, mobile phone charging and free reading books! In the main activity room on the second floor, there are Chinese medicine display cabinets, soup descriptions and diagrams of the evolution of Chinese medicine..