The girl’s foot was “bitten” by the bicycle when she accidentally stepped empty during riding!

At about 5:00 p.m.

on January 19, a child’s foot was stuck by a bicycle at the gate of the kindergarten in Tongan District.

After receiving the alarm, Xiamen fire immediately dispatched a vehicle and six people from Datong fire station to the scene for disposal.

When the fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene, they found that a 10-year-old girl’s foot was stuck between the rear support of the bicycle frame and the tire on the side of the village road and could not be taken out.

According to the description of the girl’s mother, the girl was not happy when riding Be careful not to get stuck in the gap of the rear support of the bicycle frame.

If it cannot be taken out, immediately call 119 for help.

After on-site observation, the fire rescue personnel carefully expanded the bicycle frame with a small hydraulic expander on the bicycle frame.

At the same time, another firefighter held the bicycle to prevent the girl from falling and causing secondary injury.

Only “click” was heard The frame was successfully expanded and the girl’s left foot was successfully taken out.

Fortunately, it didn’t matter.

A Xiao reminded parents to improve daily safety education and take good care of their children.

Don’t be anxious and ask for help in time in case of being stuck 🔍 Reviewed by: Jiang Zhiqing, Chen Rongliang 💻 Editor Chen Shennan ✏ Copywriter Yu Yijuan, Chen Han 📷 Picture Chen Han 🎥 Video | Chen Shennan and Chen Han – produced by the all media center of Xiamen fire rescue detachment – share collection points and enjoy it..