The first riding indicator screen in Beijing is put into use. Turn left at the intersection and complete it directly at one time! Reporter

Generally speaking, at most intersections, if non motor vehicles want to turn left, they need to wait for two red lights to turn a right angle, but the new riding indicator screen at Yuetan North Bridge intersection on the West Second Ring Road allows cyclists to wait for only one light to directly come to the diagonally opposite side of the road The reporter learned that this is the first riding instruction screen set up in Beijing.

At present, it has been put into use for more than 100 days.

How about the implementation effect? Do many people know it? Can cyclists and pedestrians abide by the new order of traffic guidance? The reporter went to the scene to visit the newly added indicator screen, which distinguished the turning and straight travel of non motor vehicles, increasing the traffic efficiency.

Experience: you only need to wait once to turn left at the intersection.

Yesterday afternoon, a reporter from Beijing Daily (ID: beijing_daily) saw at the intersection of Yuetan North Bridge that in addition to setting traffic lights, a special set of riding indicator screens were hung on the light poles in both north and south directions.

There are icons representing non motor vehicles and arrows for turning left and going straight on the screen.

When non motor vehicles wait for a red light, the arrow on the indicator screen is also red.

When the motor vehicle can turn left, the left turn arrow on the indicator screen will also turn green.

It means that the motor vehicle doesn’t have to turn left at the right angle, which means that it doesn’t have to wait for the pedestrian at the traffic light twice.

It means that it doesn’t have to turn left at the same time as the green light.

Compared with other intersections, it is not difficult to find that this change greatly facilitates cyclists and pedestrians.

For example, at ordinary intersections, when non motor vehicles drive from south to west, first wait for a red light from the southeast corner of the intersection to the northeast corner, and then wait for a red light from the northeast corner to the northwest corner.

One of the most embarrassing areas is the northeast corner of the intersection.

When waiting for the East-West release here, the position of cyclists is not correct, which often hinders the North-South straight lane.

In the riding experience at the intersection of Yuetan North Bridge, the reporter felt that the change of direct left turn saved a lot of time and avoided the embarrassment of blocking the North-South non motorized Lane because of turning right angles and other red lights.

At the same time, in the process of turning left, the intersection with pedestrians is also reduced, which is dedicated to the road, so cyclists don’t have to “look left and right”.

“I think it saves us a lot of time by making it special.” The reporter of Beijing Daily (ID: beijing_daily) found that since the trial implementation of the riding indicator screen, most cyclists passing through this intersection have adapted to this change, and the deepest feeling is the delivery workers who race against time.

The intersection is close to the financial street.

During noon and evening peak hours, there are more white-collar workers ordering meals around, and the takeout boy has become the “mainstream” on the non motorized lane.

A delivery boy said that in the past, you had to wait for two lights to turn left.

Waiting for a few minutes is nothing for ordinary people, but for them, if you save a few minutes, the delivery of delivery can be faster.

“I used to go retrograde for a while before waiting for two lights.

I also know it’s dangerous.

If we can turn left directly at the intersection in the future, we can do a lot of work.” Plan: DuoQiao district will also implement cycling optimization.

The new changes in cycling that citizens are concerned about are one of the links in Beijing’s efforts to build an urban slow-moving system.

The reporter learned from Beijing Traffic Management Bureau that the optimization of Yuetan Beiqiao intersection began in November last year.

At present, there are six intersections in Beijing where cyclists can turn left directly, and the other five are located in the sections around Houchang village.

Among the six intersections, Yuetan Beiqiao intersection took the lead in installing an electronic riding instruction screen.

It can be said that this is the first and only group of riding instruction screens in Beijing.

After optimizing the intersection of Yuetan North Bridge, the waiting time for red light is shortened by 14% and the traffic volume is increased by 14%.

Fan Yongqiang, section chief of the section information office of the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau, introduced to the reporter of Beijing Daily (ID: beijing_daily) that among the six intersections where non motor vehicles turn left directly, the positioning of Yuetan Beiqiao intersection is an exemplary intersection.

In addition to the installation of riding indicator screen, the annunciator has also been upgraded recently, from 16 phase to 24 phase, so as to ensure one light and one phase.

In order to ensure the safety of pedestrians crossing the road, the timing has also been optimized accordingly.

The motor vehicle turns right and starts 15 seconds late before flashing yellow, so as to avoid the conflict between right turning vehicles and pedestrians and give pedestrians enough time to pass through the intersection safely.

Fan Yongqiang said that in the transformation plan in 2021, taking the intersection of Yuetan North Bridge as the template, the optimization of equipment and facilities related to the urban slow traffic system will extend from the West Second Ring Road to the northwest Second Ring Road, which is expected to be implemented in three to four bridge areas.

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