The first item for safe riding | Wear helmet

↓↓↓ Small science popularization: The head is the most vulnerable and fatal part of the human body.

The safety helmet can effectively protect our head in case of an accident to avoid damage to the head due to collision, so please be sure to wear it properly when riding! Our traffic police carried out traffic safety publicity in the style of “Shumi”.

Let’s let the children and big friends wear helmets! In the area of One Helmet, traffic safety prevention starts from itself.

Fortunately, the Helmet has you.

Recently, the Ancient City Squadron of the Second Traffic Police Detachment of Yulin Public Security Bureau publicized the traffic safety of “safe riding with helmets” in front of the eight small gates of Gaoxin by using the nursing time.

At the activity site, under the organization of the police, the students seriously publicized the safety of riding helmets for their parents, uncles and aunts, and wore the “Safe Yuyang” logo helmets issued free of charge to let them ride in a civilized way.

The traffic safety concept that I started with is always there, and we will work together to create a civilized city.

2、 Do you wear helmets when riding? It is often found on the road that riding an electric vehicle is wearing a helmet instead of a helmet.

To this end, the Ancient City Squadron of the Second Traffic Police Detachment of Yulin Public Security Bureau issued helmets free of charge to riders who did not wear helmets as required at the Guangjitang Cross.

And tell them that safety helmet is a head protection device against head collision when objects strike and fall; The helmet is a device to protect the head, to prevent the head from being injured by blows and impactors.

The masses all said that they would wear helmets correctly in the future and really let helmets play a protective role! At the same time, I would like to express my thanks to the police for their free helmets! 3、 In order to further strengthen the safety management of electric vehicles and effectively curb and reduce the traffic accidents of electric vehicles, recently, Binhe Squadron of the Second Brigade of Yulin Public Security Traffic Police Detachment carried out the registration activities of electric vehicles on Renmin Road and Binhe Road, where registration and listing were carried out, and a free safety helmet was presented.

4、 You can run fast and wear helmets to remember that in recent days, the traffic police, Shu Shu, conducted intensive learning and education on road traffic safety for people who ride motorcycles and electric bicycles without helmets, and issued helmets free of charge, to further enhance the safety awareness of traffic offenders, and strive to prevent and control “motorcycle related” road traffic accidents.

Many motorcycle and electric vehicle drivers deeply reflect on their own behavior after receiving helmets, so as to standardize the driving habits of motorcycle and electric vehicle drivers and improve their traffic safety awareness.

Through education, people said that they should always remember to wear safety helmets, firmly establish the safety awareness of “One Helmet One Belt”, drive in a civilized manner and travel safely.

The small helmet is a symbol of civilization.

All friends riding electric bikes must wear safety helmets to travel safely..