The first “Guyi Hakka • riding on Wazi Street” children’s scooter challenge in Shanghang County

“Guyi Hakka • Bixing Wazi Street” Guidance and supervision unit of the first children’s scooter challenge in Shanghang County: Shanghang County Bureau of culture, sports and tourism organizer: Fujian Shanghang Bomei sports and Culture Development Co., Ltd.

organizer: Chengnan Branch of Fujian Shanghang Bomei sports and Culture Development Co., Ltd.

Co organizer: jindoudou kindergarten in Shanghang County, xiaotaiyangrenmin Road Kindergarten in Shanghang County Linpeng private kindergarten (Nangang Jinxin garden) Tongxin dance in Shanghang County, Wuping yunbao big coffee children’s sports hall, Changting cool riding balance car children’s sports hall, Zhangping big coffee Xiangyun scooter Club [event name] “Guyi Hakka riding on Wazi Street” Scooter challenge [event time] enter at 8:00 a.m.

on May 29, 2022 [event venue] Wazi street, Shanghang County [event registration time] from May 12 to May 20, 2022 [contestants] 2-7 years old (only players in Longyan area) [event form] individual race team race [registration fee] competition group: 158 yuan / person (128 yuan / person for students from the organizer and co organizer) Single application for open group: 158 yuan / person, double application for open group: 78 yuan / person, junior group competition: 158 yuan / group, senior group competition: 158 yuan / group.

After the competition, the organizers and co organizers will contact the contestants and the heads of various institutions for registration, and then the organizers will refund the registration fee of 30 yuan.

(the fee includes event planning fee, event package fee, insurance fee, staff fee, photography fee, publicity fee, venue fee.

The age is 2-7 years old.

The registration fee includes (event activity insurance fee, exquisite event package, thermos cup, advertising props, materials, photography, sound, staff, etc.) I.

[event location] the historical and cultural heritage of Wazi street in Shanghang County and the harmonious development of urban modernization, Promote the high-quality development of Shanghang culture and tourism industry, tap the cultural connotation of Hakka, red ecology and Yangming psychology, connect commercial districts such as Wazi street, Jiangbin Road, Linjiang Town, linjianglou area and Jiefang Road, build an open historical and cultural block and economic theme business circle integrating culture, tourism, leisure, food and other functions, and strive to develop cultural projects in various forms.


[instructions for contestants] due to the number of contestants, no notice will be given due to the special needs of the organizer.


After successful registration through the registration link on this page, parents should pay attention to the official account of this event, so as to timely obtain the contestants’ entry rules, entry time and other precautions in the later stage.


Parents need to consult the event and can join the event consultation wechat group by themselves.

If the group is not full, you can add the customer service wechat of Shanghang Daka scooter Club [18250015189] to invite you to join the group.


The event site shall not refuse to comply with the organizer’s rules on the grounds of not receiving the telephone notice or not knowing the event arrangement.

If the rules are violated, it will be deemed to disturb the order of the event, and the organizer has the right to refuse the contestant and his parents to participate, and will not bear the loss of the contestant’s inability to participate.

Event bag ① a customized exquisite backpack ② a ceramic mug (souvenir) ③ a customized event number plate (the above pictures are for reference only, and the details shall be subject to the real object) III.

[registration information] [registration link] as the competition time is approaching, once the registration is successful, it is not allowed to cancel and withdraw from the competition.

If the participants cannot participate on time due to personal reasons or other uncontrollable factors, the registration fee will not be refunded.

If there is an irresistible epidemic situation or rainy weather on the day of the competition, please reserve enough time for the competition.

Oh ~ IV.

[competition time and opening ceremony] 8:30 ~ 8:35; the opening ceremony of the main venue (the opening speech announced by the organizer) 8:35 ~ 8:40; the opening performance of Bomei sports 8:40 ~ 8:45; the opening performance of jindoudou 8:45 ~ 8:50; Tong Xin dance performance v [race group] (Note: the 10 minute interval between each group of events is the time for the next group of players to try the track) 6.

[race description] [race form]: individual race.

Competition rules: 1.

Race: the race is divided into preliminary race, resurrection race, semi-final and final.


The winners of each group in the preliminary competition will directly enter the semi-finals; In the preliminary competition, the players who are not directly promoted enter the resurrection competition (please wait at the entrance and prepare for the next round of competition), and advance from the resurrection competition to the semi-finals.


Semi finalists enter the finals.


Integral race: if the number of people in the specified group meets the requirements for the start of the race and fails to meet the requirements for the number of people in the speed race, the integral race will be conducted (the number of people in the integral race shall not exceed the starting track of the station).

The race will be conducted successively in three integral races.

The players will draw lots to determine the starting track before the race, and finally determine the ranking according to the sum of the three integral races.

If the sum of the players’ integral races is the same, the final ranking will be determined by the ranking of the players in the first integral race.

Promotion requirements: 1.

The speed race will be conducted in four stages: preliminary, resurrection, semi-final and final; The points competition shall be conducted according to the first points competition, the second points competition and the third points competition.


The speed race and integral race are not timed.

Only the arrival order of each group is counted.

The result ranking is determined in order, and the first one is ranked first.


About drawing lots: the preliminary race and resurrection race will be grouped by age.

The starting track will be decided by drawing lots on site.

Please wait for the draw at the entrance in advance; The draw for the semi-finals and finals will be drawn at the end (group and starting track)..