The first batch of bike sharing “cycling blacklist” in Chizhou was announced | 3.2 million yuan, and the first wave of consumption coupons

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13.2 million yuan, the first wave of consumption coupons in Guichi! The opening time is…

Via In order to implement the spirit of the notice of the State Council on printing and distributing a package of policies and measures to stabilize the economy, the opinions of the general office of the State Council on further releasing the consumption potential and promoting the sustainable recovery of consumption, the notice of the people’s Government of Anhui Province on Printing and distributing the implementation plan of all policies and measures to stabilize the economy, Further boost consumer confidence and promote the recovery and potential release of the consumer market.

According to the deployment of the district Party committee and the district government, our district will issue the “Wanmei consumption · enjoying Guichi” consumption voucher of Guichi District.

1、 Amount and types of consumption coupons: the total amount of consumption coupons is 3.2 million yuan, which is divided into five categories: accommodation and catering, building materials for supermarkets, furniture and household appliances, automobiles and tourist attractions.


The consumption voucher for accommodation and catering is 500000 yuan.

Among them, 3000 coupons of 300 yuan minus 100 yuan and 4000 coupons of 200 yuan minus 50 yuan).


Shangchao building materials consumption voucher was 800000 yuan.

Among them, there are 2000 coupons of 500 yuan minus 100 yuan, 4000 coupons of 300 yuan minus 80 yuan, 4000 coupons of 200 yuan minus 50 yuan, and 4000 coupons of 100 yuan minus 20 yuan.


Furniture and household appliances consumption coupons were 400000 yuan.

Among them, there are 200 coupons for 2000 yuan minus 400 yuan, 1000 coupons for 1000 yuan minus 200 yuan, and 1000 coupons for 500 yuan minus 120 yuan).


Automobile consumption coupons were 1.2 million yuan.

Among them, 800 coupons of 1500.01 yuan less 1500 yuan.


The consumption coupons of tourist attractions were 300000 yuan.

Among them, there were 2000 coupons of 300 yuan minus 100 yuan, and 2000 coupons of 200 yuan minus 50 yuan.

2、 Distribution time: September 9 to October 31, 2022.

3、 Issuing entity: Guichi District People’s Government of Chizhou City and pingtian Lake Scenic Area Management Committee of Chizhou City.

4、 Distribution object: all consumers in Guichi District v.

distribution platform: Agricultural Bank of China handheld bank app.

6、 Scope of use of consumption coupons: 1.

Consumption coupons for accommodation and catering businesses, building materials, furniture and household appliances: offline consumption of retail, accommodation and catering businesses participating in activities in Guichi District and pingtian Lake scenic area.


Automobile consumption coupons: purchase new passenger cars for consumption in the stores of automobile sales enterprises above Designated Size participating in activities in Guichi District and pingtian Lake scenic area.


Tourist scenic spot consumption coupons: for offline consumption in scenic spots above 3A level participating in activities in Guichi District.

(Jiuhua Tianchi scenic area, xiushanmen Museum, Xinghua village tourist scenic area, dawangdong scenic area and Xinghua village cultural tourist area) VII.

During the issuance period of the purchase rule consumption coupons, each person can get no more than 2 different types of consumption coupons on the platform with his ID number.


A letter to parents of preschool children in the city via Dear parents and friends of Chizhou education and Sports Bureau:! The clouds gather the color of summer, and the leaves move in autumn.

In the windblown summer of 2022, I am waiting at the gate of the kindergarten to usher in a new autumn with children.

This autumn, you may be happy and worried about the return of Dabao’s “divine beast” to the cage, or you may be worried about the “acclimatization” of Er Bao and San Bao when they enter the park, and that the park’s work and rest time are not synchronized with their own work time.

For your concerns, the Municipal Bureau of education and sports responded and solved them with the practical action of “reassuring childcare” and “warming the hearts of the people”.

Since the autumn semester of 2022, kindergartens in the city have been officially implemented.

Please be aware of relevant matters: 1.

Voluntary participation.

The delay service must be based on parents’ voluntary registration and children’s voluntary participation.

Kindergartens shall not force children to participate in any way or in disguised form.


Service content.

According to the resource conditions such as teachers, venues and facilities, as well as the actual needs of students and parents for children’s activities after school, and in combination with the school running characteristics of the kindergarten, the kindergarten provides delay services suitable for children, such as dance, handicrafts, music, painting, speech and eloquence, and story telling, for parents to choose independently.

However, there shall be no primary school oriented teaching content.


Charging standard.

The delay service adheres to the principle of public welfare and non-profit.

The service time is delayed to 18:00 on the afternoon of the normal opening day.

Parents can determine the departure time according to the actual situation.

The delay service fee is charged by semester.

The fee for public parks is not higher than 120 yuan / student · month, and the fee for inclusive private parks is not higher than 150 yuan / student · month.

If the child’s family is in financial difficulties, or orphans, disabled children, etc., the education department will grant fee reduction according to relevant provisions.

The fees shall be refunded according to relevant regulations due to leave, transfer and withdrawal after payment.

In 2022, the city’s education and Sports Bureau led the implementation of the action to warm the hearts of the people, including “caring for children”, “happy fitness” and “learning for the elderly”.

The delay service is an important work measure of the action to solve the problem of parents’ transfer of children from school, so that “children have care” and “children have excellent care” become the normal for the benefit of the people.

We hope that parents and friends will show more concern, concern, understanding and support, put forward good opinions and suggestions on the problems and difficulties in the delay service, and work together to do a good job in the “peace of mind child care” and warm the hearts of the people, so as to create a better education environment for the healthy and happy growth of children..