The electric car burns into a fireball in an instant while riding! The 7-year-old girl was notified of critical illness for the next three

On July 18, it was an ordinary weekend, but a frightening accident happened on yuhuangshan Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou…

↓↓↓ on the day of the incident, a father drove an electric car with his daughter.

The electric car suddenly deflagration occurred while driving normally, It burned into a fireball in an instant.

Just looking at the monitoring picture is very disturbing.

In the face of this sudden scene, the surrounding citizens responded quickly.

In just 10 seconds, the nearby security guards, passers-by and passing drivers stood up one after another.

The security guards took the fire extinguisher and rushed over.

Soon after that, the firefighters arrived at the scene and the fire was brought under control.

Witnesses at the scene said that at that time, two electric vehicles passed one after another.

In front of the car are the father and children, and behind the mother is also riding a car to follow.

After the electric car caught fire, my father couldn’t care about the flames on his body.

He endured the pain and went straight to the surrounding security room to borrow a fire extinguisher, and then turned back to fight the fire, while the little girl’s mother tried her best to pull her daughter out of the fire.

Afterwards, the girl was sent to the provincial child care center, the girl’s father was sent to the recovery room of the second hospital of Zhejiang University, and the girl was given the next three critical notices, The burned girl named Qiqi was born in August 2014.

After the summer vacation, she will be in the second grade of primary school.

△ after the operation on the evening of August 18, Qiqi is currently staying in the surgical intensive care unit.

She needs to wait until her vital signs stabilize and pass the dangerous period before further treatment, The hospital has issued critical notices three times.

Many families stayed awake all night.

Last night (July 18), the child’s mother and many relatives and friends were at the door of the operating room.

The mother also suffered minor injuries.

She sat in front of the chair crying and talked about hoping that her daughter would survive.

According to Hangzhou Daily, after the incident, the injured family members posted help information on the Internet.

As of the morning of the 19th, Two million yuan has been raised.

Hearing the news, the child’s mother, Ms.

Zhai, said: “these are all my brother-in-law’s help.

I just want to keep the child’s life now.” The accident caused many netizens to speculate and worry about why the electric vehicle involved would suddenly spontaneous combustion? It happened so suddenly, how can we minimize the damage? Expert analysis: the maximum probability is the internal explosion of lithium battery! With regard to the burning battery car, Ms.

Zhai said that the car was bought in a battery car store two or three years ago.

Last year, her husband also changed a new battery in this car store, and spent about 500 yuan.

After seeing the video of electric car spontaneous combustion, the head of the power department of a well-known electric bicycle brand R & D center in Zhejiang said that this situation is most likely caused by lithium batteries.

He said that at present, electric vehicle batteries in the market are mainly lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries.

Starting from April 2019, the country has a new national standard, and the weight of electric vehicles shall not be greater than 55kg.

Lead acid batteries are relatively heavy, and the weight of the whole vehicle is difficult to reach within 55 kg.

Therefore, most electric vehicles on the market use lighter lithium batteries.

“From the monitoring screen, it is likely that there was an explosion inside the lithium battery at that time.

The energy of the lithium battery is still very large, and the power of the explosion is no less than that of a small grenade.”.

In addition, according to the Qianjiang Evening News, the reporter learned from the local market supervision bureau that a preliminary investigation has been carried out.

A person in charge of the branch said: “now we are actively cooperating with the investigation of the traffic police and fire department to see whether the accident is accidental or the product defect of electric vehicles.

If it is a product quality problem, we will take follow-up measures according to law.” Peace be with you! Comprehensive: Hangzhou daily, city express, Qianjiang Evening News, etc.

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