The electric car burns into a fireball in an instant while riding! 7-year-old girl was notified of critical illness for the next three

On July 18, an electric bicycle caught fire while driving near Yuhuang villa in Hangzhou.

A father and daughter on the electric car were severely burned and are being treated in the hospital.

At that time, the cyclist was a middle-aged man with his daughter sitting in the back seat.

After the fire broke out, the father and daughter were immediately surrounded by the fire.

In the face of this sudden scene, the passers-by responded quickly.

In just 10 seconds, the nearby security guards, passers-by and passing drivers stood up one after another.

The security guards took the fire extinguisher and rushed over.

We worked together for one minute to put out the fire quickly.

The reporter learned from the witnesses at the scene, The cause of the fire may be the sudden explosion of the battery of the electric bicycle, resulting in the lack of escape and injury of the people on board.

It is understood that when the fire broke out, a family of three were riding along Yuhuang mountain road.

Two battery cars, father and daughter riding in front, mother alone behind.

Suddenly, the father’s battery car with his daughter made a loud noise and immediately jumped up a fire.

The father and daughter were immediately surrounded by the fire.

“What a pity.

My father and daughter are burned.

The little girl is badly hurt.” Master Zhuang, the security guard at the back door of the sanatorium, sighed facing the wreckage of the battery car, saying that he didn’t want to recall the scene at that time, “I didn’t dare to look carefully.” Here, Master Zhuang used two bottles of fire extinguishers to put out the fire.

Over there, the girl’s father also borrowed a fire extinguisher from nearby, and the staff of Yuhuang villa also carried the fire extinguisher to help.

The fire was almost out before the firemen arrived.

“Three members of the family have different degrees of burns.

The mother is in good condition and the daughter is the most serious.” An investigator at the scene said.

The injured girl Qiqi was born in August 2014 and should be in the second grade of primary school in September.

At more than 9 pm last night, my mother said: just in the morning, my parents had a rest.

They were going to the bookstore with their children to buy her some extracurricular books.

Originally, the girl took her mother’s electric car, but before leaving, her mother suddenly thought of getting a citizen card and wanted to get a library card for her child, so the girl moved to her father’s car.

“She used to ride in my car.

She said she liked to sit behind her mother best.” At 9:30 p.m.

on the 18th, the reporter learned that Qiqi’s operation has been completed, but she can’t come out yet.

She needs to continue to observe in the surgical intensive care unit.

According to the injured girl Qiqi’s uncle told reporters that up to now, the hospital has issued three critical notices.

Many families stayed up all night.

The reporter also learned from the West Lake Scenic Area Branch of Hangzhou market supervision bureau that next, the relevant staff of the market supervision bureau will ask their families about the purchase territory of electric vehicles and whether they are 3C certified products.

The reporter will follow up the matter further.

The West Lake scenic spot will also conduct a comprehensive inspection of the electric vehicle sales and maintenance business units within its jurisdiction.

Expert: the maximum probability is the internal explosion of lithium battery! Burn girl’s mother told reporters: spontaneous combustion electric vehicle is not a miscellaneous electric vehicle.

It is purchased by a brand electric vehicle store, and the battery is also replaced by the store.

The head of the power supply department of a well-known electric bicycle brand R & D center in Zhejiang said after watching the video of electric vehicle spontaneous combustion yesterday that this situation is most likely caused by lithium batteries.

He said that at present, electric vehicle batteries in the market are mainly lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries.

Starting from April 2019, the country has a new national standard, and the weight of electric vehicles shall not be greater than 55kg.

Lead acid batteries are relatively heavy, and the weight of the whole vehicle is difficult to reach within 55 kg.

Therefore, most electric vehicles on the market use lighter lithium batteries.

The 48 volt, 12 ampere hour (capacity) lead-acid battery weighs about 16.4 kg, while the same standard lithium battery weighs only 4 kg.

“Electrolyte organic matter in lithium battery (lithium hexafluorophosphate) , it is combustible.

The positive electrode is lithium ion and the negative electrode is graphite.

Generally, lithium ion is embedded in the positive electrode.

When fully charged, if there is a short circuit, it is easy to cause lithium precipitation.

In addition, its chemical properties are relatively active and can not contact with oxygen in the air.

Once contacted, it is easy to cause heat out of control and violent chemical reaction (such as explosion), Electric cars are naturally easy to burn.

   “In addition, when the lithium battery electric vehicle is in the process of driving, under the condition of discharge, the over discharge of a single battery may also cause heating or explosion due to the inconsistent battery voltage.

In the past, the spontaneous combustion of electric vehicles would smoke first.

Why did such a fire suddenly burn this time? The person in charge said that it depends on which part of the lithium battery is spontaneous combustion, or what kind of cause it is For example, the electric bicycle caught fire.

From the monitoring picture, it is likely that there was an explosion inside the lithium battery at that time.

“The energy of the lithium battery is still very large, and the power of the explosion is no less than the influence of a small grenade”.

The person in charge reminded that when using electric bicycles at high temperature, first of all, you can’t charge them for a long time, as long as you ensure 80% power.

When replacing the battery, you must go to the original store (brand store).

It is best to replace the charger at the same time, because the voltage and current requirements are different.

When the mismatched charger is charged, it is easy to cause some battery faults.

The most important thing is not to take it home to recharge.

In case of an accident, the consequences at home will be more serious..