The elderly can ride a tricycle safely only if they obey the rules

In recent years, electric tricycles have been favored by the elderly in rural areas, resulting in many potential traffic safety hazards.

It mainly shows that the elderly do not understand the traffic regulations and traffic rules, and their safety awareness is weak.

Some cyclists walk in disorder and turn around in the process of riding, not abiding by the rules; Some vehicles are in poor condition, and the brake, light and horn all have faults; Others are older, have impaired eyesight and hearing, and have poor reaction ability.

According to relevant traffic laws and regulations, the electric tricycle in the Motor Vehicle Product Catalog belongs to a motor vehicle.

The driver needs to hold the corresponding driver’s license, and the vehicle needs to be registered and purchase compulsory traffic insurance before it can be on the road.

For non-standard electric tricycles, a transition period shall be set up according to local regulations.

After the transition period, driving on the road is prohibited.

All electric tricycles are not allowed to carry people, only one person can ride.

Traffic police tips: When riding an electric tricycle, you should consciously abide by the traffic laws and traffic rules.

Elderly people and people with impaired eyesight, hearing and reaction ability shall not ride for safety.

For electric tricycles belonging to motor vehicles, pedestrians must hold driving licenses…