The earliest China stop of cycling China Series (8.21-8.25 in the province) ǁ A battalion of 5000 years, a ride to see Shanxi, children, I

A battalion of 5000 years in the 30th century BC, the emperor and Chiyou performed the earliest war in order to compete for the salt pool in the east of the river – the battle of the deer – Yao Tian, Shun RI, Huan Wu Nian, the spring and autumn hegemony of Jin Wengong a ride to see Shanxi all travel is to start, only to go to the great pagoda tree is to go home, from the great pagoda tree on the Bank of Fenshui River to ride the great pagoda tree, Yao temple, Ding Village, salt lake, stork tower…..

1 a ride to see Shanxi, the more honed and blooming, why choose to ride? To paraphrase a classic sentence, driving too fast and walking too slowly is just right.

In addition, for the destination, the scenery after the bus directly arrives at the destination is the same as the scenery after self riding to the destination.

It is a reward for nothing and a sense of achievement.

What about your worry that you can’t ride without a bike? Can you do without riding experience? Afraid there is nothing to play? As soon as we come, we will answer for you who else can be a future citizen in Shanxi Province? That is, the 4-wheel (car) + 2-wheel (bicycle) bus and bicycle combined riding mode.

If you can’t ride, you can get on the bus that follows you all the way, and you don’t have to worry about being weak or unable to ride.

Provide riding equipment and energy supplement throughout the whole journey.

Professional buses and self driving transporters follow you all the way, so that your child can be guaranteed throughout the journey.

5:1 lead the teacher to escort you all the way, lead you The focus of the ending and team is to communicate with every child, so that every child can have a sense of security throughout the whole journey.

5-8 kilometers of uninterrupted rest and various energy supplement pulsations + dove + bread…

Let the child be full of energy at all times.

The most beautiful riding clothes + ice sleeves + leg covers.

The child itself is a scenic helmet + soft elbow protection + knee protection + riding gloves, the highest level of protection to go out sunscreen + daily honey water + various fruits, so that the child can always feel loved and fill the future citizens Unique eight growth medals, which road sections do we ride? The first section is 33 kilometers from Hongdong pagoda tree to Huamen in Linfen, the second section is 22 kilometers from yaomiao temple in Linfen to Xiangfen, the third section is 28 kilometers around Salt Lake, and the fourth section is 22 kilometers from Yongji to stork tower (if Wu Xing Lake is opened, it will ride Wu Xing Lake), a total of 105 kilometers, 2 First Battalion, 5000 years, thinking no while traveling 15000 years, the earliest China.

Exploring the source of China.

Huamen opens the door of Chinese civilization.

If the great pagoda tree is the home of Shanxi people, Yaodu is the root ancestor of all Chinese descendants, and Huamen is the monument of Chinese civilization.

The earliest civilization of ancient China began in Yao.

Huamen integrates historical commemoration and sightseeing.

The front three doors stand tall, symbolizing the three emperors Yao, Shun and Yu.

The main door is 18 meters high, which is the highest and largest door in the world.

In the form of just opened, the main door symbolizes that Emperor Yao opened the door of Chinese civilization.

The interior of Huamen shows the Chinese civilization and national culture with rich cultural connotation, and is famous for ten landscapes, such as “a long history, the opening of the door and the prosperity of the country, Yao tianshunri, the Oriental dragon, the linked nine tripods, the world’s giant alliance, climbing high and looking far, Huamen flying wish, the famous gate Expo, and the night of Huamen”.

It ranks first in the world in terms of building scale and height.

The earliest Chinese pottery Temple site, the unprecedented city site, the matching King’s tomb, the world’s earliest Observatory, the magnificent palace, the independent storage area, the handicraft area under the official management, etc.

Many experts and scholars have proposed that the ruins of Taosi is the capital of Emperor Yao, which is the earliest “China”.

The earliest solar shadow astronomical observation system was found at the Taosi site.


The earliest characters up to the excavation of the site were found.


The oldest musical instruments in China were found.


The earliest dragon totem in the Central Plains was found.


The oldest building material in the world up to the excavation of the site – banwa was found.


The largest prehistoric tomb in the middle reaches of the Yellow River was found.


The largest prehistoric city site in Central Asia was found.


The oldest Observatory in the world was found, 500 years earlier than Stonehenge in Britain, the Ancient Observatory of Taosi is about 4700 years ago.

The discovery of the remains of the “Observatory” confirms the real historical background and social reality of “calendar like the sun, moon and stars, respect and teach people time” as stated in the book of history Yao Dian.

It is an important physical example for the study of astronomy and calendar in ancient China.

This archaeological achievement has been designated as a major national archaeological discovery by China’s State Department of cultural relics.

From the observation point, observe the sunrise direction of Mount thar through the slit of the soil column, determine the season and solar term, and arrange farming.

The archaeological team copied the model at the original site for simulation and measurement.

From the second slit, the sunrise is the winter solstice, the 12th slit is the summer solstice, and the seventh slit is the spring and autumn equinox.

The development of the salt pond in the battle of the Chinese emperors and Chiyou Yuncheng has a history of about 4000 years.

It is one of the oldest salt ponds in China.

About the 30th century BC, The Yellow Emperor and Chiyou performed the “emperor vs.

Chiyou” in order to compete for the salt pond in Hedong “.

and the Yellow Emperor, who won the war, has also become a symbol of the Chinese nation.

In the era of Emperor Shun, people began to fish for the natural crystal salt in the pool in summer.

By the spring and autumn and Warring States periods, Yuncheng salt pool had become famous.

No.23000, the earliest land of Jin · the source of the state of Jin, the source of the Taosi, the source of the land of Jin.

Why is Shanxi abbreviated as Jin? Why can Bird Statue be called the treasure of Shanxi Museum? There are inscriptions on the cover and belly bottom of bird statue.” The Marquis of Jin made “Xiang Taishi baozunyi”.

This Marquis of Jin is the first generation of Marquis of Jin.

The reason why this cultural relic is of great significance is that it has determined the capital and lineage of Jin in the Western Zhou Dynasty, and further determined the capital and lineage of Jin in the Western Zhou Dynasty, becoming the source of “Jin”.

The Jin Museum relies on the “Tianma Qucun site” “The thematic Heritage Museum built is also the only platform in China to fully display Jin culture.

No.31000 years · outstanding people and spirits · cultural source exploration.

At the end of the day, the Yellow River flows into the sea.

If you want to see thousands of miles, go to a higher level.”..