The cyclist broke his bone in the mountain area, and the stray dog saved his life by making an unexpected move!

Cycling is a very perseverance exercise, which can relax the body and mind, and also play a role in exercising the body.

The most important thing is to adhere to the spirit of cycling.

There are also great risks in cycling.

In order to achieve their goals and practice their skills, many cyclists will take risks day and night.

Recently, a man from abroad rode his bicycle to the mountain area at night to practice cross-country routes.

During the ride, he accidentally hit a small pit on the uneven ground, causing the whole person to fall to the ground, causing him to be injured and unable to stand or walk.

While waiting for rescue, with the temperature dropping at night and the man getting colder and colder, a strange stray dog slowly approached and made an unexpected move.

The man rides at night on the deserted mountain road at night.

It’s so refreshing to enjoy the ride.

A foreign man wanted to practice his riding better, so he decided to go to the mountain area to practice cross-country at night alone.

When no one was around, the man rode faster and faster.

When there was a small pit in front of him, he had already hit it, and then fell heavily to the ground.

When the man wanted to get up, he felt a pain in his hand.

He realized that he might have dislocated himself, and his back was also injured.

At this time, the man could not stand, so he had to call for help.

The stray dog gradually approached the man.

While waiting for support, the man could only lie on the road.

At this time, it was late at night.

After the man’s exercise heat gradually decreased, he gradually felt cool.

In addition, the temperature in the mountain area drops rapidly at night, and the seriously weak wounded are easy to die from hypothermia.

However, when the man felt anxious, a stray dog stared at him not far from him.

At that moment, he even got scared.

The man was afraid that the wild dog would attack him, and he did not dare to move.

But even if he kept still, the stray dog still came to him.

He felt more uneasy.

He tried to drive the stray dog out loud, but the stray dog ignored him.

The man blamed himself.

The stray dog came to the man and lay down on the ground silently.

The man did not realize the behavior of the stray dog until the stray dog slowly moved its body to touch his body.

Then the stray dog did not move.

Only then did the man know that the stray dog wanted to warm him with his own body and keep him warm, and the man felt very guilty at the moment.

How could he think such a kind dog was so evil.

The man and the dog slept together on the road without the greatest malice.

When the rescue team arrived at the scene, they found a dog quietly beside the injured person, thinking that the dog was kept by the injured person.

So he also brought the stray dog back.

Later, he learned that the dog was a stray dog in the mountain area, so he gave it to animal volunteers.

The man was very grateful to the dog during his recovery.

He knew that if he didn’t get the warmth from the dog, his condition would be worse.

The man said that he really wanted to adopt a dog to go home, but he had to give up the adoption because of his family’s reasons.

Therefore, he hoped that the dog would find a warm home without suffering from the cold wind in the mountain area or suffering from hunger.

Soon after the story of stray dogs spread, a woman who loved dogs actively contacted volunteers to adopt stray dogs.

She did not want such a sensible dog to suffer from cold and hunger outside.

Now the dog has a new family and a loving owner.

It is easy for people to speculate on others with the greatest malice, perhaps out of their own protection.

But when we look at things with vigilance, it is easy to be preconceived and act with malice.

How can we find someone who really treats you?..