The cycling benefits have been doubled, and we have added five more places

On September 5, a autumn cycling trip officially kicked off by leaping my feet in two steps.

Cycling enthusiasts from all over the country gathered here to compete on bicycles in full swing.

Hot blood adds weight, and we must arrange the welfare of everyone in place! In addition to the big gift package worth 2796 yuan for riding koi, we have specially added five “riding gift packages”, which are also in the form of red packets in the group, and are sponsored by Dot, Amazfit Jump Me, Dai Shi and Two Steps! 1.

The Duote waist bag of an international famous brand is worth 148 yuan.

Duote children’s waist bag Duote children’s waist bag can meet different outdoor scenes.

It has light weight and rich storage layers.

Under the flat line design, it will not be bulky to carry.

Even rainy weather will not affect the items in the bag.

The color is randomly distributed.


Outdoor hiking socks brand DexShell is worth 189 yuan.

Waterproof quick drying hiking high top socks.

Wearing waterproof socks is durable, waterproof, moisture permeable and not stuffy.

Three layer composite technology provides outdoor sports enthusiasts with all-weather professional foot protection.


The professional outdoor watch brand, Huamiyuegoi, is worth 166 yuan.

The exchange coupon of Huamiyuegoi Amazfit Yuewo T-Rex2 is the first choice for outdoor watches with a price performance ratio of 1000 yuan.

It has 15 military regulations certification, five star dual frequency positioning, real-time track navigation, 24 day long endurance, 150+sports modes and other rich functions.


The national leading professional outdoor platform “Two Steps Road”, worth 29 yuan, provides outdoor enthusiasts with professional electronic maps and navigation functions.

It has the largest track line library in China, helping people explore the outdoor world more safely and freely.

Hot blood riding, their story is happening…

Up to now, 300 riders have been participating in the race, and everyone has shared their beautiful photos of riding, invited riders to travel together, and shared their results to compete for speed…

Even, they accidentally won the first place in the country! Cycling photos, activity call, and “the first in the country” are also called directly by cyclists.

Cycling targets are so easy~At the same time, cyclists also update their own riding trends in real time in the Liangbu Road Community when they compete in the goal of punching in mileage.

Currently, 155 events have been released.

There are not only the sharing of cycling routes from all over the country, the vigorous posture of riders, but also the stories of those cycling events…

What’s more exciting is that in order to encourage everyone to record the beauty of cycling, we have set up a lottery for each dynamic event.

Well, looking at the prizes they drew, who envied me not to mention Dot’s backpack, wash bag, net red donkey, two-step road members, Dot’s outdoor wallet…

More and more riders rushed to share the dynamic drawing of prizes for riding.

Are you one of them, with a winning rate of nearly 20%? Invite 3 jumping riders to ride with the wind 1 Lv Dage | Life is boring.

As an outdoor girl, I can ride a bike with wind.

From the start of my national travel to the high mountains, there are many ski rides.

Outdoors always attract me inadvertently.

The sea of life, only in the outdoors can feel the wind and freedom, can regain the wildness and frankness of people.

I love all the possibilities brought to me by the outdoors.

Traumas and accidents have never been synonymous with the outdoors.

We can’t be afraid of losing without owning, can we? NO.2 C Boy | When the wind comes, it’s better to ride together.

I have a chance to follow the wind.

I became deeply attached to the outdoors and found myself with positive energy by hiking.

Last year, we set the goal of climbing 15 mountains, passed 21 mountains beyond expectations, and also climbed the most dangerous peak in Guangdong on our birthday.

This year, I wander around Dali alone and ride around the Erhai Lake has always been my Todolist.

Although I have experienced the shadow of riding mountain bikes, I have overcome and succeeded! Whether hiking or cycling, they are free and willing.

Fortunately, they never give up.

It seems that I have nothing, but it seems that I have everything.

Finally, I will gain a peaceful, calm, humble and grateful heart.


3 Lu Lulu | Chasing Shanye is a college outdoor education teacher who has been engaged in outdoor education for decades.

Postgraduates are fascinated by outdoor education when they come across it during their overseas study.

At the same time, he is a true outdoor sports enthusiast.

Every weekend, I will ride with my friends in the suburbs.

The moment I get on the bike, I feel like I have unlimited freedom and ability to switch freely in urban life and natural space.

With plenty of time, during winter and summer vacations, we will arrange high-altitude long hiking to indulge in mountains and fields, and release our passion and love for outdoors, nature and life..