The best place to ride in the Spring Festival is exposed! Just go once!

Itinerary D1: all places – Boao gather and stay in Boao hotel.

At 3 p.m., the hotel gathered.

The team members met each other, grouped, allocated bicycles and equipment, cycling skills training and itinerary introduction.

Ride along the coastal highway and the gold coast, cruise Boao coastal town and feel the charm of Hainan.

In the evening, you can have free activities on the beach and visit Boao’s literary landmark: the story bar of the sea.

D2 Boao – Shanqin Bay – Shangen – gangbeigang in the morning, ride in the Garden World shaded by trees, shuttle through the sparsely populated rural roads, cross the sea bridge, stop and play in Shanqin Bay beach and seaside karst cave, and taste the local favorite special food at noon.

In the afternoon, ride all the way to Hong Kong Beigang.

Along the way, you can see large areas of pineapple fields and betel nut fields, full of Southern flavor.

After staying in the hotel in the evening, you can move freely.

You can go to the beach next to the hotel, Neizhi island and WaiZhi island to blow the sea breeze and listen to the rise and fall of the tide.

D3 port north port – Coastal Highway – Xinglong national greenway – Coffee Garden – Xinglong hot spring ride into the coastal highway.

There are few scenic buses on the coastal sightseeing highway, and enjoy the beautiful photography in Shimei Bay.

In the afternoon, enter the national greenway, shuttle through the tropical plant kingdom, surround mountains and waters, feel the tropical style, and then arrive at the coffee manor, visit the coffee planting Park, experience the coffee production process and understand the coffee culture.

Eat your own Indonesian pastries, drink your own brewed coffee, spend a pleasant coffee time, and lie in the hot spring pool at night to wash away the fatigue of the day.

D4 Xinglong – Hero slope – Lingshui – tufu Bay – seaside camping partners encourage each other, come on, climb Lingshui slope, climb Niuling, bid farewell to the subtropical monsoon area, enter the real tropics and enjoy the bright sunshine all the way.

Try the acid powder recommended by “China on the tip of the tongue” at noon.

In the afternoon, go all the way through Qingshui bay to accompany the beautiful scenery.

Finally, ride to tufu Bay camping beach, where there are beaches, pine forests, delicious food, wild luxury tents, watch open-air movies, play paddles, make pizza and pasta, chat in a daze, open seaside barbecue and bonfire feast at night, sleep in seaside tents at night and listen to Tao Dream, Feel the purity of the stars and the sea.

D5 tufu Bay – picking coconuts – Haitang Bay – sailing to sea – watching the sunrise at sea in Sanya, then heading all the way to Sanya, reaching a mysterious coconut forest in the middle, picking coconuts by yourself and experiencing the original Hainan style eating method.

In the afternoon, ride to Haitang bay square, end the ride here and get the commemorative certificate.

Then take the bus to Sanya Bay to enjoy the sea and experience the wonderful of sailing through the wind and waves.

If you are lucky, you can also see the sunset in Sanya Bay when you return.

Finally, return to the wharf and dissolve freely at the wharf around 6 o’clock.

Details of the duration and expenses of the activity group include: ☑ Riding equipment: brand mountain bikes, helmets, magic headscarves, trouser belts, raincoats, gloves, tire repair and air pumping tools, safety clothes.

☑ Accommodation: three nights of comfortable hotel and one night of seaside camping (double tent, providing: tent, moisture-proof mat, tent lamp and sleeping bag).

☑ Service support: logistics support for the whole process of the support vehicle and the support leader, and loading luggage.

☑ Riding team leader: lead the team in the whole process, maintain vehicles, arrange accommodation along the line, and guarantee and lead the team for up to 6 people.

☑ Transportation: the fishing boat and ferry arranged during the trip, and the fare from Haitang bay to Sanya.

☑ Activity expenses: coffee garden visit + coffee making + pastry making, hot spring, sailing to sea + Banana Boat / motorboat, coconut picking ☑ Public equipment: life jacket, first aid kit.

☑ Meals: 4 breakfasts, Xinglong coffee snacks and 1 seaside wild luxury dinner.

☑ Others: Camping dilution, drinking water, travel insurance, riding commemorative certificate + medal.

The fee does not include: 1.

Chinese food and dinner not included in the itinerary (AA or self-care, leaving the choice of delicious food to everyone).

2 expenses not included in other trips.

Precautions / regulations on withdrawal and reform 1 Hainan has a tropical monsoon climate.

It has a long summer and no winter.

The average temperature in winter is about 15-26 degrees.

Please bring your clothes in summer and winter and be prepared for sunscreen at the same time.


Please obey the traffic rules for the big housework.

The team members must ride in line, do not chase and fight, and obey the arrangement of the team leader.

They must wear safety clothes when riding and life jackets when involving water activities.

3 please carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, take care of the natural environment, do not litter, protect the beach, and do not pick fruits or crops along the road at will.


This activity is a semi self-help cycling activity, which advocates mutual help, unity and fraternity.

It is too demanding.

If you have an uncle mentality and like nanny service, please do not sign up.


Encourage the team members to challenge themselves and insist on riding the whole journey.

It is not recommended to take the support car for a long time.

The riding time of each time shall not exceed 1 hour.

The certificate of cycling around the island shall be issued based on the riding time and times (except heatstroke, illness and other accidents).

6 the intensity of this activity is moderate.

Please judge your physical condition by yourself.

Patients with heart disease and hypertension are not allowed to participate in this activity.

If you have diseases unsuitable for water sports, you must consciously avoid water sports.

Regulations on refund and Reform: ★ one time change of the tour period or full refund can be handled free of charge 12 days before the start of the event; ★ 15% of the activity fee will be deducted if the activity is cancelled or changed 8-11 days before the start of the activity; ★ if the event is cancelled or changed 4-7 days before the start of the event, 30% of the event fee will be deducted; ★ if the activity is cancelled or changed 1-3 days before the start of the activity, 45% of the activity fee will be deducted; ★ if you can find someone to replace you before the activity starts, the fee will not be deducted.

If you quit or don’t participate in the project for your own reasons after the activity starts, the fee will not be refunded..