The beauty of your ride is my safety at home

At about 8:25 a.m.

on April 21, an old man rode a tricycle in reverse direction on the Jiufeng elevated section from Jiaojiang to Huangyan on the inner ring road, with dense traffic, The situation of vehicles avoiding one after another is very critical.

After the video surveillance patrol of the personnel on duty in the digital service room of the fifth brigade directly under the brigade found it, they immediately feed back the police situation to the road police through the walkie talkie.

The police Cui Zongbin and his teammate Xu Wen rushed to the scene for disposal.

When they arrived at the Jiufeng elevated section, they found that the old man was not aware of the potential danger when riding on the opposite lane.

Considering that it still takes time for the police car to turn around to the front exit and intercept it earlier, there would be less danger.

Cui Zongbin was in a hurry Quickly get out of the car and climb over the central isolation fence to successfully stop the old man and take him to the slow lane.

Then, teammate Xu Wen also drove to the scene.

Cui Zongbin let the old man get into the police car and escorted him out of the inner ring expressway from the exit of the second Ring South Road by riding the old man’s tricycle.

After learning that the old man’s surname is Lu, 73 years old, Huangyan Yuanqiao people rode a tricycle from Yuanqiao to Huangyan on the same day to buy agricultural products.

Fortunately, they got lost and fell into the inner ring.

Otherwise, the police immediately contacted the relatives of the old man to confirm whether the old man had arrived home safely and informed his daughter of the dangerous cycling behavior of the old man in the morning.

They suggested that she take some time to care for the old man, especially on the issue of safe travel of the old man, and do a good job of education and guidance to jointly protect the safety of the old man [Taizhou traffic police release] producer: Yao Yongzhong reviewed by: Yang Dongdong Zhang Yu edited by: Yang Bin email: 。.