The 9th Liaoning Cycling Festival | The collection of the best cycling routes in Great America Liaoning continues!

In everyone’s heart, there is a unique hometown.

The mountains, rivers, streets, folk customs, and food culture of your hometown have a unique memory in your heart! In the heart of every cycling enthusiast, there are some of the most beautiful cycling routes in Liaoning, or the scenery along the way is beautiful, or there are cultural relics, or there are food temptations, so why not share them together! Liaoning Province has a vast territory and abundant resources.

The terrain is diverse, and there are countless scenic roads suitable for cycling.

If you like cycling for many years, you must have found a lot of beautiful roads suitable for cycling! Do you want to let more people know your hometown? Would you like to share the land measured with your wheels with more cyclists? Then take part in the activity of collecting the best cycling routes of “Great Beauty Liaoning”! In order to promote a low-carbon, environment-friendly and healthy lifestyle, strengthen the communication between cyclists and practice the national fitness program.

The 9th Liaoning Cycling Festival in 2022 specially plans the best cycling route collection activity of “Great Beauty Liaoning”, and selects representative cycling routes in each city in Liaoning Province! The solicitation route was released on the WeChat public platform, calling on more cycling enthusiasts to join in the cycling activities! The first recommender of the selected “Great Beauty Liaoning” best riding route will get a beautiful gift – a lightning riding vest worth 159 yuan! The prize of this activity is provided by Shenyang Lingqi Bicycle Firm (the general representative of Lightning Shenyang).

After the activity solicitation, we received many recommendations from riders, and sincerely recommended the beauty of our hometown! Lin Chunsheng, a cyclist in Shenyang, strongly recommended the “Puhe River Landscape Road in Shenbei”: “Puhe River section on the east and west sides of the North Yellow River Street, with a total length of 10 kilometers, and a circle of 20 kilometers from the north to the south.

Along the way, there are the longest corridor and water plank road in Shenyang, with pavilions and courtyards, you can view and relax.

The sports and cultural square can ride, run and play.

The colorful road surface is pleasing to the eye, making riding more comfortable.” Wu Hesong, a cyclist in Liaoyang, especially recommends the cycling route from Prince Island to Yanzhou City, and then to Youwo Reservoir.

“This road is winding along the Prince River.

You can ride on both sides of the river.

You can ride when you go there and when you come back.

It is almost a scenic spot step by step.

Flowers, grass and trees are scattered in an orderly manner.

If you ride on this road, you can swim in a picture with water and green plants along the way.” Which route is the best one to ride in your hometown! Solicitation Scheme 1 Activity Name: Liaoning Cycling Festival – “Great Beauty Liaoning” Best Cycling Routes Solicitation 2 Activity Time: September 30 – October 20 3 Participants: cyclists who love cycling 4 Submission requirements: 1.

Route name 2.

Reason for recommendation 3.

Route introduction (bright spots along the way, cycling experience) 4.

Route photos 5.

Name of the recommender+contact information.


Submission method: Method 1: follow the official account of “Shenyang Cycling Association” and reply directly; Method 2: If you want to describe your riding story more clearly or share it with others, you can also submit the email: ; The registration details for the Cycling Festival can be zoomed in by clicking on the following figure to see the special thanks to Fantred Electric Bicycle Shenyang Lingqi Bicycle Firm (the general representative of Lightning Shenyang) Shenyang Amateur Football League Shenyang Xuhong Trade Co., Ltd.

(the general representative of Giant Liaoning) Shenyang Yuandong Bicycle Firm (in no particular order)..