The 52 year old father rode 2000 kilometers to see his daughter, only for a promise six years ago!

Recently, the “52 year old dad rode more than 2000 kilometers to see his daughter at school” went on a hot search.

This 13 day trip moved netizens.

The 113 day ride of more than 2000 kilometers was just to fulfill a promise.

Six years ago, his daughter was admitted to college.

Zhao Baoren, his father, said a joke, “study hard, and then my father will ride to see you.” Now his daughter has gradually achieved excellent results in school.

My father thinks it is necessary to fulfill his promise six years ago and set an example for his daughter.

Starting from Mishan, Heilongjiang, Zhao Baoren rode more than 2000 kilometers all the way to Tianjin after 13 days.

He met his daughter Zhao Danning, who is studying as a graduate student at Tianjin University.

He hopes to inspire his daughter to make more contributions to the country after graduation in this way People have praised ↓↓↓ the way of teaching by example.

Taking parents themselves as an example can often have a profound impact on children and achieve more effective educational effects.


A vivid lesson brought by parents by example.

In Beijing, a little sister with visual impairment took a guide dog on a bus, and a mother gently popularized science in a “textbook style” Education and such a scene also happened on the Beijing Subway: in the empty carriage, a tired mother holding a sleeping child.

For fear that the child’s shoes would dirty the seat, she padded her backpack under the child’s feet.

Through words and deeds, some parents let the child understand the meaning of commitment, some parents let the child understand responsibility and public morality, and some parents let the child learn to respect strangers …

parents are the first teachers of children.

The way of teaching by words and deeds makes parents become an example of children and make children grow up better! More news ha ha ha ha! Another new outlet? Ten billion yuan market??? After 80% 95, there is facial anxiety?! The cost of male medical beauty is amazing…

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