The 5-year-old boy rode alone in the traffic! This scene is frightening

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On the evening of April 4, in Gongyi City, Henan Province, a 5-year-old boy rode on the 310 National Highway alone.

On the road, the big car was speeding, and the boy was driving slowly.

When Zhang Shuai saw it, he opened the double flash to guard the boy, went to ask about the situation, and helped the boy find his family with his companions.

Zhang Shuai said, “at that time, the child could not find his home.

There were so many big cars on the road.

I was very worried about his accident.” Zhang Shuai told the reporter that it was already dark at more than 7:00 p.m.

that day.

When he was driving on national highway 310, he saw a little boy riding a small car and big cars passing by.

Zhang Shuai knew that this was a road with frequent accidents.

His first reaction was to turn on the double flash to escort the boys in case of danger.

“Large trucks have blind spots, so it is not easy to see children.” Zhang Shuai said.

Later, Zhang Shuai stopped at the roadside.

After his companion got off the bus, he asked the boy about the situation.

The boy did not remember the contact information of his family, only the names of his parents and grandparents.

Zhang Shuai then began to contact friends and inquire about acquaintances, and finally asked about the boy’s family.

About 20 minutes later, the boy’s family came to the scene and picked up the boy.

Zhang Shuai learned that it was his grandfather who was watching the children at home.

The boy went out to play when his parents didn’t pay attention to him.

As a result, he couldn’t find his home.

The next day, the boy’s family went to Zhang Shuai’s residence to express their gratitude.

Zhang Shuai said, “don’t thank me.

In case of an accident, it will affect the whole family.

I’m just doing a small favor.” Key recommended sources: zhnlali and elephant news are copyrighted by the original author.

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