The 15 habits that make riding happy are unruly and love riding!

Pay attention to the “riding king” and watch the world ride! Riding is addictive and incurable.

People who are addicted to cycling can’t help but go out and brush a few laps every day, otherwise they will feel itchy.

There are some habits that only we cyclists can have.

See if you and your friends are the same? 1.

There is a tacit understanding between riders about riding: what is discussed is what good route! Line! Line! Line! Important things are to be repeated for 3 times! See clearly that it’s not money.

If several riders who have passed the Sichuan Tibet line get together, they can’t stop talking and laughing.


People who love cycling are always curious.

Like cycling aimlessly to open up new roads, see the routes others have ridden, and want to ride on their own.

In life, he always keeps a thirst for knowledge.

He will always actively understand the knowledge he doesn’t understand, even if he may not use it in the future.


Although everyone doesn’t like climbing, they are still very excited and hard when they really climb the slope.

No matter how tired they are, they will insist on climbing the slope.

There are few carts.

Carts seem to be very disdainful among riders.

Even if you are sweating, snorting and tired to death, you have to climb to the top of the mountain.


People who love cycling are too easy to be satisfied.

When they buy their favorite equipment and open the express, the whole person is almost happy to fly.

We have great enthusiasm for life, and we are grateful for any little thing.

Eat a delicious meal, happy! I’m in good condition today.

I’m happy! It’s cool today, suitable for cycling and happy.


When a cyclist is alone, he won’t feel lonely as long as he is accompanied by a bicycle.

If he goes to the mountain for a ride, he doesn’t care where he goes at any time.


Of course, I like talking about cars when cycling.

I have to stop for a long time when I see a good car.

I look at the frame, wheel set, kit and price.

I always pay special attention to the car store when I go shopping.

When I meet the car store occasionally, I will go in and see what new products are available.

Whether I buy it or not, I will communicate with the store manager and technician for a long time.


People who love cycling love bicycles more.

Buying a bicycle is always not enough.

The more you love it, the greater your desire.

You like to study bicycles and buy new equipment.

If your life is disorganized and you can’t learn to store and tidy up, your home must be in a mess.

Like a neat and orderly home.

At the same time, in order to afford to buy better equipment, cyclists will control themselves and don’t spend money indiscriminately.

This is not what a disorganized person can do.


If you want to ride, you can take your bike and go out.

If you want to do anything, you can do it without saying a word.

Those who love cycling have stronger executive power than others.

When others put forward an idea and others are still hesitating, we have begun to find the implementation scheme, and can even provide you with feasible suggestions.


When riding, you will always change into a set of professional equipment, such as helmet, goggles, riding clothes and lock shoes.

Even if it has attracted much attention, there can be no less.

When riding, take good equipment and start handsome.

When not riding, you will have nothing to take out and have a look.


After getting used to cycling, cyclists want to ride everywhere.

Even if they are away on business, they will find a local car shop to have fun.

And strange riders are self acquainted.

They can talk about everything as soon as they meet.


Riders always want to break through themselves, longer distance, just fast speed and higher power.

With the increase of riding time, the difficulty of riding is gradually increasing, constantly challenging difficult sections and faster speed.

Go further.


After falling in love with cycling, the avatars of QQ, wechat, microblog and public bar are all related to cycling.

It’s either the handsome photos after wearing cycling clothes or your car.

Mobile phones and computers are full of elements of cycling, especially the wallpaper must be related to bicycles.

All kinds of items around them are usually related to cycling, such as bicycle key chains, bicycle T-shirts and so on.


Riders who encounter speculative riders can always talk endlessly about equipment, equipment and riding routes until they forget the time.


The sports I used to like have been replaced by cycling, because only riding on the bus can let the body and soul gallop freely together.


If you love cycling, you have to endure loneliness, which makes cyclists more independent.

We can endure riding alone, and we still feel good when there is no one to accompany us on the long road.

We can endure the same action repeated hundreds of times in order to practice it well.

Others choose to commute by subway and bus.

We choose to train ourselves by riding every day.

We are not afraid of being alone.

What we are afraid of is losing personal space.

Forgive me for my unruly love of riding in this life! The wheel measures happiness.

We know others and find ourselves.

We cultivate our mind and nature and feel life! In the past, the post-95 girls in Hunan were recommended to roam China by bike for one year.

Mother: lying is only a short-term trip.

Four times, the man failed to persuade him to “try riding” a second-hand bike with slippers! Trampled 300 kilometers Why is cycling a golden sport? In addition to the chip, the key parts and technologies of the bicycle were also recommended by six entry-level road vehicles with high cost performance in the West.

For two months, the 68 year old grandmother rode 6200 kilometers to Tibet alone! After stealing 150000 from the roadside, the man fled across three provinces and rode nearly 300 kilometers overnight A foreign man’s “motorcycle shock” shocked the world! The article comes from the Internet.

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