Ten new cycling routes have been added in the capital. The forests and rivers depend on each other, and the cultural and sports landmarks

Recently, the autumn wind is cool, which is a good time for outdoor activities.

It happened that last month, xiaoaikan news recommended 10 new cycling routes.

Since it was a hot sauna day, it was not recommended to you at the first time.

Recently, it was autumn, and the comfortable weather was neither hot nor cold.

It was just perfect for cycling! Therefore, Xiao AI hurried to check these 10 new cycling routes in detail.

They are mainly gathered in Chaoyang and Tongzhou, and have a trendy cultural journey through the streets; There are also classic routes to punch in Beijing landmarks; There is also a wild riverside ride.

In terms of riding difficulty, there are both bronze stages suitable for all ages and children with a total length of 5 or 6 kilometers, and the king’s difficulty of more than 20 kilometers.

In a word, each line has its own characteristics.

Let’s take a concrete look at the following: the preferred route for fashion and fashion: Route 1: langyuan station — Sanlitun — Chaoyang Park — langang — Liangma River international style waterfront △ photo by @ wechat official account of Beijing daily.

Drawing: Zhang Cun’s line almost includes the essence of the fashion of the imperial fashion and fashion, and every place is a beautiful punch in place.

All kinds of unique buildings in langyuan can be photographed at 360 °.

The fashionable street is quiet and artistic.

There are bookstores, art galleries and cafes, which are the gathering places of fashion trendsetters.

△ photo by @ comment user: Well, there are also children’s favorite playgrounds in the park.

The indoor and outdoor venues are huge.

Children run and slide on the undulating hillsides, especially releasing their nature.

There are various climbing racks and sponge pools in the indoor hall.

Little aijiawa is addicted to various projects as soon as she enters.

From langyuan, ride all the way to the East Fourth Ring Road, bypass the east gate and the South Gate of Chaoyang Park, and you will arrive at the bustling Sanlitun, where trendy shops, various cafes, bars and exotic restaurants gather.

You can rest and taste special food to supplement your strength.

△ photo by @ comment user grace_ 12345 then in the evening, ride to the Liangma River, known as the Seine River in Beijing, to watch the sunset.

The autumn wind is blowing.

Looking at the open water surface, the verdant vegetation, and the occasional waterfowl on the water surface, one can not help feeling very happy.

People on the lawn sit on the ground, talking and laughing; There are people jogging and walking on the footpath, which is full of poetic and picturesque feelings.

△ photoby @ commenting user laxmok △ photoby @ commenting user is tired of the warm and violent riding, and can also take a romantic night trip on water by boat.

Immerse yourself in the colorful and beautiful lights, let your thoughts be empty, and enjoy a moment of peace in the day.

It is dreamlike and full of exotic feelings! △ photoby @ commenting user Dongjian brother △ photoby @ commenting user Duola Aimeng is a trendy landmark on this line.

If you want to visit it all, you may have a little tight time in a day.

However, the pleasure of riding is not to rush the road, but the scenery along the way is the key.

So you can punch in and go according to your ability.

Route 2: Ritan Park — Beijing CBD — Beijing SKP — Panjiayuan thrift Market — Happy Valley △ photoby @ wechat official account of Beijing Daily, Drawing: the starting point of Zhang Cun’s line is Ritan Park, which is located in the second ring road.

In the streets and lanes with mottled trees and simple and quiet, there is also the first embassy area.

Along the way, you can see the quiet embassies of Bulgaria, Britain, Poland and so on.

Of course, there are many good restaurants here, and there are many exotic Cuisines: romantic and grounded French food, authentic German restaurants, Russian restaurants, Caucasian cuisine…

Full of strong exotic customs.

△ photo by @ comment user Giovanna went all the way to the East and came to the bustling CBD business district.

She had a panoramic view of a large wave of business buildings led by China Zun.

△ photo by @ comments: users are tired of riding sugar in their pocket.

They can stop to visit the western-style SKP and feel the top luxury shopping atmosphere of the imperial capital.

Then they can go into the earthy Panjiayuan secondhand market to feel the atmosphere of the market.

They can shuttle through the downtown streets of different styles in one day.

Traditional culture and modern civilization are intertwined.

It is definitely a different trip to the imperial capital! △ photo by @ commenting user rebeccart & uy’s friends with strength can still continue to move forward and ride to Happy Valley for a pleasant night tour ~ cultural integration, Wen qinger’s favorite classic route route route 1: Wangjing — red brick art museum — Chinese Film Museum — 798 Art District △ photo by @ wechat official account of Beijing Daily, drawing: Zhang Cun’s route is absolutely artistic.

From Wangjing street full of novel features to 798, it is almost a loop line, Along the way, the red brick art museum, the film museum and 798 are all high-value treasure landmarks with literary and artistic characteristics.

Each of them is worth visiting.

Xiaoai has introduced the online scenic spots many times before.

It is estimated that the friends are familiar with them.

Xiaoai will not elaborate.

△ photo by @ comment user algee_* 4061 & Xiaonan of Xiaonan: this route is nearly 25 kilometers long.

If you want to ride around, it’s more appropriate to punch in time ~ Route 2: Yuandu Chengyuan Ruins Park — national speed skating hall “ice ribbon” — Aosen Park — bird’s nest — water cube △ photo by @ wechat official account of Beijing daily.

Drawing: Zhang Cundi is a city of double Olympics, and the classic landmark is a sports venue of various Olympic levels, This line just connects the “ice ribbon” of the national speed skating hall, as well as the bird’s nest and the water cube, which has just opened recently.

It can be said to be the unique route to experience Beijing’s “double Olympics city”..