Ten key points of efficient riding training

Although training time is limited, you can still reach your peak, which requires smarter allocation of cycling time.

Next, two top bicycle coaches summarize the ten key points of how to train efficiently.

1、 Riding platform is your best friend.

Indoor training can eliminate external factors that interfere with the training effect, so that you can achieve specific goals in a short time.

“The quality of training can be guaranteed without the obstacles of cars, traffic lights, road engineering, turning or downhill,” James Sprague said 2、 Long term use of the riding platform for indoor cycling is often regarded as an alternative to being unable to go out for cycling, such as in winter, other bad weather, or at night.

In fact, for riders who don’t have enough time, the riding platform can well ensure the continuity of training.

Ian Jenner of rule5cycling said, “persistence is everything.

When you can’t go out and ride for a long time, indoor cycling allows you to maintain the rhythm of training and develop the habit of daily exercise.” 3、 Eat more “dessert” and “dessert” training is considered to be the most efficient way to enhance endurance.

The so-called “dessert” or sweet zone refers to the 83% – 97% range of FTP.

Jenner added: “training in this range can effectively improve FTP, but it’s not as hard as the real threshold output.

Sweet zone training is very helpful for your aerobic foundation and great for drivers with limited training time.” Now, there are many apps and software that will tell you how to determine your FTP.

Jenna believes that it is best to arrange the sweet zone training for 10 to 20 minutes in each group, rest between groups for 5 to 10 minutes, and practice two or three groups at a time.

Remember to warm up beforehand and cool down afterwards.

4、 Plan ahead if you want to maintain a balance between training, work and life, planning is the key.

It allows you to squeeze in time for training in a tight schedule.

“Try to plan ahead.” Jenner said, “see when you can take time to train next week and set the time so that you can be prepared, even if it’s only half an hour.” 5、 Make full preparations, stand in advance, and give up without advance.

In addition to planning, it is also necessary to prepare your indoor training equipment in advance.

“Just put the frame on the riding platform,” Sprague said.

“In that case, you can change your clothes and ride directly.

Remember the fan.” In addition, a spinning bike and other equipment can avoid the trouble of assembly and disassembly every time.

6、 The use of riding software such as zwift has completely changed indoor training.

Virtual reality riding greatly improves the experience of riding on the platform, whether you join group practice, online competition, take a course, or just loosen your feet.

7、 Make the most of commuting.

If you can ride to work, you can add a little training during commuting.

“There’s no such thing as garbage mileage.

The time spent in the car always works.

You can practice stepping skills during commuting, or even add a group to it,” Jenner said Jenner suggested that you try intermittent, such as full acceleration after starting at a red light.

Find some feasible places to ride hard on the road and take rest at other times.

Of course, the most important thing is to pay attention to safety.

If there are many cars on the road or the weather is not very good, come back when conditions permit.

8、 Remember that recovery is always on the way to becoming stronger, “recovery” is often ignored.

But rest is crucial.

It allows your body to gradually adapt to the stimulation of training.

“Don’t get so involved that you forget to schedule rest days and low training.

You have to give your body a chance to rest and adapt to and absorb all this hard training,” Jenner said 9、 Don’t forget to control the car.

If you don’t have enough time, indoor training is the most efficient way.

But skill is also important.

Only when you ride on the road can you exercise your car control skills, especially if you want to participate in road cross-country, mountain races, or many downhill rides.

“Indoor cycling can improve your physical fitness, but in terms of vehicle control technology, it can’t replace outdoor cycling,” Jenner said 10、 The most important thing to enjoy cycling is that cycling should be a happy thing.

Ambitious training programs and countless other promises can bring pressure.

Be flexible and don’t forget why you ride a bike.

“Remember why we like cycling.

Nature, scenery, climbing, going to different places and meeting all kinds of friends (that’s the essence of cycling).”..