Take a walk in the sea of flowers, ride along the greenway, and pick fruits by parents and children… It’s right to come to Sanshui this

The May Day holiday is coming.

Are you ready for your trip? This may day, Sanshui super many new tricks to play! Don’t miss it! Yundonghai National Wetland Park Yundonghai National Wetland Park with super high appearance is new again! During the May Day holiday, the wetland park will launch sightseeing bicycles and battery cars, so that you can easily ride on the greenway and free yourself! Photographed by Lin Weijian of Foshan news network, Yundonghai National Wetland Park is not only the urban living room of Sanshui, but also the online Red punch in point for citizens on weekends and holidays.

The upcoming sightseeing bicycles and battery cars will definitely make you more relaxed and comfortable to visit the wetland park! Pay attention to your follow-up news and teach you to easily unlock the new play method of the wetland park.

The main entrance of Yundonghai National Wetland Park has set up a tent and built a music camp in combination with the lawn in the current trend Wetland Park.

Photo by Du Jingqiu of Foshan news network.

In addition, the wetland park also has all kinds of rare animals and plants and beautiful scenery with ultra-high film production rate.

This May Day holiday, riding, camping…

Or even a simple walk here is definitely a good choice.

Dawn in Wetland Park.

Liao Weiming photographed birds in the East China Sea National Wetland Park.

Pan Minhua photographed that there are scenic spots such as Shagang Park, osmanthus island and Futian village in the park.

You can punch in.

Yundonghai National Wetland Park positioning: huayoung’s literary and artistic fan Baini cultural and creative ancient town 01 The grain Museum came to Baini cultural and creative ancient town.

How can we get less than the punch in grain Museum, the only museum with grain as the theme in Guangdong Province.

The museum introduces the development of grain, grain (rice) planting, harvesting, storage and processing, as well as the grain culture formed for thousands of years (including Baini farming / grain memorabilia, paddy field / farming tools).

Walking inside, you can also see the “past and present life” of grain processing and witness the whole process of turning Baini grain processing plant into “Baini grain Museum”.

The grain store is the collective memory of an era.

Here, you can also see the grain store in Baini Town, Sanshui County, feel the scene of the grain store at that time, and understand the struggle process of Baini’s unremitting efforts to ensure food supply and maintain Baini’s food security.

Opening hours of Baini grain Museum: 9:00 ~ 12:00; 14: 00 ~ 17:00 positioning: 02 Qiao Shiguang’s lacquer painting exhibition is a 50 year national tour of Qiao Shiguang’s lacquer painting art, sponsored by Tsinghua University, China Artists Association and China Academy of Arts and crafts.

This exhibition has four exhibition halls, which focus on more than 80 Qiao Shiguang’s lacquer paintings, sketches, color ink, calligraphy and other works in the past 50 years.

Are there any unique lacquer paintings, cultural and creative products? Come to this exhibition to punch in, and the literary value will be full in an instant ~ ~ Qiao Shiguang lacquer art exhibition May Day holiday opening hours: 10:00 ~ 18:00 positioning: 03 Colorful flower fields in Xijiang Shili Gallery this pink flower field is definitely the most popular punch in point during the holiday.

The pink flower sea is stacked one after another.

It’s beautiful.

In early summer, the breeze blows, and a romantic breath rushes to your face.

It’s intoxicating to watch the swaying flowers from a close distance.

Colorful flower fields positioning: the forest kingdom of flower young in Nandan mountain.

This is a rare primitive secondary forest in South China.

Healthy life – from Nandan mountain to selenium rich land and Strontium rich water breeds abundant animals and plants.

The air of high mountains and dense forests is rich in negative ions.

It is a natural oxygen bar and the only primitive secondary forest in the Pearl River Delta.

Guangdong large forest amusement park is one of the three glass bridges in China.

Six forest themed playing methods independent courtyard, private bubble pool, 360 ° mountain view of wild luxury resort, enjoying high mountain negative ion health vacation, watching mountains and wading during the day, etc.

wind comes to count stars and enjoy the moon at night, surrounded by mountains, The air is rich in negative ions.

Of course, there are six forest themed playing methods.

123456 positioning of Nandan mountain forest kingdom: there are so few playing methods in Sanshui, as well as the century old railway station with ancient charm but no lack of vitality, “chopsticks Street” century old railway station.

Sanshui District Archives provides pictures of Centennial railway station.

Foshan news network data map sweet to heart fruit picking trip, the sea of flowers bloom, let all friends enjoy the varied holiday experience in Sanshui, and the Xiaobian will also launch a more detailed and fun strategy in time.

Remember to pay attention Oh, guess what you want to see: 1.

Do not recruit students in advance and implement the same recruitment of citizens! See the latest requirements for enrollment of primary and secondary schools in Foshan → 2.

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