Super practical gloves in winter! Riding must wear, warm and wind resistant, and you can play with your mobile phone willfully!

Recently, the temperature has dropped by leaps and bounds.

It takes courage to get up and get out of bed every morning.

Even if you wrap yourself up on the inner and outer layers, you still feel that your hands are frozen to the point that they are not your own.

You can’t always put your hands in your pocket.

It’s particularly inconvenient to do things, but when you go out, your hands are very cold.

You can only rub your hands constantly, Then insert a pocket to keep warm.

In this way, your hands are still red with cold.

As the saying goes, the cold wind is biting your hands.

You should have tried to make your hands red and swollen in winter.

Moreover, if you soak your hands with hot water, you will feel itchy, just like being bitten by hundreds of ants on your hands.

If you go on for a long time, your hands will be easily chapped and frostbitten! In such a cold day, if you keep your hands in your pockets to keep warm, it will have a great impact on our life and work.

For example, how can we not reply in time to so many important information in wechat? Even if it is cold, your hands are inseparable from your mobile phone! At this time, a pair of gloves is particularly important.

However, I never expected that it would be so difficult to choose a suitable pair of gloves.

It’s not warm at all.

Wearing gloves is the same as not wearing gloves.

Choosing gloves that look thick is extremely inconvenient, Even holding a mobile phone is a problem.

The most frustrating thing is that it is difficult to reply to messages, make phone calls, take photos, etc.

after wearing gloves.

There is no response when your fingers poke the screen.

You can touch the screen by pressing.

For people with zero patience like Xiaobian, if you want to drop the mobile phone every minute, is there no glove that is both warm and flexible to operate the mobile phone? Don’t worry, today we’ll bring you this winter essential black technology glove.

It’s hot and warm, anti-skid, and allows you to touch the screen freely without obstacles.

It’s a touch-screen finger gloves.

It integrates warmth, touch control, water splashing, wind and anti-skid.

It’s a necessary artifact for going out in winter.

It’s strongly recommended.

Reason 1.

Touch screen technology doesn’t take off gloves to play with mobile phones, which doesn’t affect your operation, Operate touch screen devices such as mobile phones at will; 2.

Double layer thermal insulation design, the outer layer is wind resistant and temperature locked, the inner layer is plush to keep warm and prevent water splashing; 3.

Lock the bowl mouth, prevent losing the buckle, and create a new warmth with more details; Basiclive outdoor warm and water splash proof gloves three proof warm and touch-screen finger gloves ▼ soft and close to the skin, with appearance and quality Bobo group purchase welfare price: 49 yuan / pair ▼.