Summary of Journeys to Europe

In order to facilitate you to consult and refer to the routes in Europe, the records of the whole process are collected here.

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Oh, Schengen visa processing experience.

The origin of this journey – Chow Tai Fook Silk Road Let Me Go European cycling video.

The 85 day journey has been in this 10 minutes! Türkiye (D1-2: Chengdu Istanbul) Türkiye (D3: Istanbul) Türkiye (D4: Istanbul) Türkiye (D5: Istanbul Jorlu) Türkiye (D6: Jorlu Edirne) Bulgaria (D7: Edirne Haskovo) Bulgaria (D8: Haskovo Provdiv) Bulgaria (D9: Provdiv Samokovo) Bulgaria (D10: Samokov Sofia) Bulgaria (D11: Sofia) Bulgaria (D12: Sofia Kriwapa) Macedonia (D13: Kriwapa Skopje) Macedonia (D14: Skopje Ohrid) Macedonia (D15: Ohrid) Albania (D16: Ohrid Tirana) Albania (D17: Tirana) Albania (D18: Tirana Honduras) Albania (D19: Duras Scudai) Montenegro (D20: Skutai Podgorica) Montenegro (D21: Podgorica Cotor) Montenegro (D22: Cotor Dubrovnik) Croatia (D23: Dubrovnik) Bosnia and Herzegovina (D24: Dubrovnik Mostar) Bosnia and Herzegovina (D25: Mostar Sarajevo) Bosnia and Herzegovina (D26: Sarajevo) Bosnia and Herzegovina (D27: Sarajevo Zenica) Bosnia and Herzegovina (D28: Zenica Tuzla) Serbia (D29: Tuzla Shabaz) Serbia (D30: Shabaz Belgrade) Serbia (D31: Zemeng Town) Serbia (D32: Belgrade) Serbia (D33: Belgrade Novisad) Croatia (D34: Novisad Jakovo) Croatia (D35: Jakovo Kutina) Croatia (D36: Kutina Zagreb) Croatia (D37: Zagreb) Slovenia (D38: Zagreb – Ljubljana) Slovenia (D39: Ljubljana) Slovenia (D40: Brad) Slovenia (D41: Ljubljana – Maribor) Hungary (D42: Maribor – Kesthay) Hungary (D43: Kesthay – Shiogko) Hungary (D44: Shiogko – Budapest) Hungary (D45: Budapest) Hungary (D46: Budapest) Snovac (D47: Budapest – Great Mechel) Snovac (D48: Great Mechel – Bratislava) Snovac (D49: Bratislava) Austria (D50: Bratislava – Vienna) Austria (D51: Vienna) Austria (D52: Vienna) Czech (D53: Vienna – Brno) Czech (D54: Brno – Perkhzimov) Czech (D55: Perkhzimov – Prague) The Czech Republic (D56: Prague) The Czech Republic (D57: Prague) The Czech Republic (D58: Prague Holshovskitting) The German Chapter (D59: Holshovskitting Regensburg) The German Chapter (D60: Regensburg Munich) The German Chapter (D61: Munich Augsburg) The German Chapter (D62: Augsburg Ulm) The German Chapter (D63: Ulm Stuttgart) The German Chapter (D64: Stuttgart Heidelberg) The German Chapter (D65: Heidelberg Frankfurt) Germany (D66: Frankfurt Mainz) Germany (D67: Mainz Kien) Germany (D68: Kien Trier) Luxembourg (D69: Trier Luxembourg) Belgium (D70: Luxembourg Chamberlain) Belgium (D71: Chamberlain Namur) Belgium (D72: Namur Brussels) Belgium (D73: Rosler) Belgium (D74: Brussels) Belgium (D75: Brussels Ghent) Belgium (D76: Ghent Antwerp) The Netherlands (D77: Antwerp Tilburg) The Netherlands (D78: Tilburg Rotterdam) The Netherlands (D79: Rotterdam The Hague) The Netherlands (D80: The Hague Amsterdam) The Netherlands (D81: Amsterdam) The Netherlands (the end of the whole article)..