Statistics of night riding passengers: volume adjustment, or will it change tomorrow?

News: 1.

The Hong Kong stock market was once killed badly today, dragging down the A-share market.

However, many of them were collected in the afternoon, and they have not dropped much.

I think there are some real estate and brokerages with money.

The real estate should still be expected to be rescued or solve the uncompleted residential buildings.

Brokerages, eh…

This wave is to protect the market? I haven’t seen any new news on Hong Kong stocks.

The Hong Kong stock market should continue to be dragged down by the US stock market.

The expectation of the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate increase is too strong.

In fact, the A-share market has fallen a little.

It killed a wave in the morning and recovered a lot in the afternoon.

In fact, the U.S.

stock market has not continued to plummet, and this is the case.

In the past few days, the Chinese newspapers have been published intensively.

Some of them eat meat when they exceed expectations, and some eat noodles when they are lower than expectations.

At present, some well-known enterprises in a share market are still lower than expectations.

The performance of some enterprises on the Internet is OK, so the performance of CGI is better.


Pinduoduo’s Q2 performance was a little fierce, and its share price soared, bringing with it a broad range of Chinese stocks.

Pinduoduo: in Q2 of 2022, the revenue was 31.44 billion yuan, the market expectation was 23.645 billion yuan, and the same period last year was 23.046 billion yuan; The net profit was 8.896 billion yuan, the market expectation was 3.335 billion yuan, and the same period last year was 2.415 billion yuan.

Chen Lei, chairman and CEO of pinduoduo, and Liu Jun, vice president of finance, attended the subsequent teleconference to interpret the financial report and answer the questions of analysts.

Liu Jun said that occasional factors such as extension of some promotion and agricultural projects and reduction of travel and business activities have affected the overall expenses of this quarter in the short term.

Therefore, the profit of this quarter should not be used as a reference for future quarters.

Chen Lei said that the investment in the second quarter was passively reduced due to external factors, and some extension activities and agricultural projects were postponed.

“Although this may make the quarterly performance better, the long-term competitiveness of the platform may be affected, especially considering the current changes in the industry pattern.” Pinduoduo’s interpretation in the conference call was quite conservative.

It said that the impact of expense settlement could not be used as a reference in the future.

In addition, the reduction of long-term investment would affect the long-term competitiveness of the platform.

However, the market does not care about these now.

The market now thinks that the enterprises that can survive are good enterprises.

The long-term business will be discussed later.


As for the pork industry, there is a saying in the market, that is, according to the sales of sow feed, the current production capacity reduction of sows may be more than the statistics.

This is also possible.

It is estimated that it is difficult to accurately calculate the sows of many scattered farmers.

At present, the statistical data should still be based on the statistics of large enterprises.

In short, if this statement is correct, there may be a wave of pork prices, which will be high around January next year, which is probably the analysis of securities dealers.

On the panel, Guoguang electrical appliances staged the “sky floor” consumer electronics Guoguang electrical appliances.

Once in the panel, it pulled the limit straight, then was hit by 26W hands, and finally fell.

The sky floor was completed within a day, and the diving range was relatively large.

Even three-dimensional chemistry, Delong Huineng and black sesame have fallen by the limit, but there is no such thing as Guoguang electric.

Today’s trend, tomorrow’s probability is the limit.

Therefore, at the end of the month, we still need to avoid high-end stocks.

The collective decline limit of popular stocks such as Guoguang electric, 3D chemical and Delong Huineng continues to ferment.

The emergence of tianfloorboards is a fatal blow to active funds, which is caused by the overall atmosphere and mood of the market.

The height of the connecting board has been compressed recently.

Whether it is a change of hands or a popular stock, it is all indiscriminate killing.

The generation of new things is generally accompanied by the “death” of old things.

Although it is very tragic here, But it will also have a certain significance for reshaping the new cycle and opening up new markets.

From the technical point of view of the future market, after the rebound of the Zhongyang market, the market has been hit again.

This is the typical performance of poor sustainability.

We said that the current volume can not support the continuous rise and the continuous decline.

The current support level can refer to 3200 points.

The limit should be around 3150 points and the strong pressure level above 3300 points.

Now there are only two ways for the market to get rid of the dilemma of grinding, Either break through 3300 points to stimulate the money making effect, and the off-site funds will enter the market, or the large-scale killing will attract the funds to enter the market to buy the bottom.

Because the overall structure is weak, the downward probability is higher.

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