Standards for cycling

With the continuous growth of the cycling team, the technical level of riders is also constantly being opened.

How to better and faster integrate into the cycling team has become a problem for novice cyclists.

Many people like cycling.

They come from different fields and have received different degrees of education.

Everyone has different personalities and habits.

Although most of the riders are friendly, they should pay attention to the following points when getting along: 01.

It is a big taboo for riders not to borrow cars from others.

Everyone’s car is like his sweetheart.

Borrowing a car is not a problem.

The problem is that when you borrowed a car, you accidentally fell down again.

Do you want the other person to let you compensate? How much is appropriate? 02.

Instead of imposing their own ideas on others, everyone has different preferences for cars.

Just like some people like Speed Link and some people like Shimano, different hands attract different fans.

This is not only for beginner cyclists, but also for some cyclists who have been riding for a period of time.

In fact, this is nothing in itself, but some people like to embellish things.

For example, if your accessories are expensive and your matching is unreasonable, Merida is not as good as Giant.

What you like and think is good does not represent the other party’s ideas, so it is the most basic respect not to impose your own ideas on others.


Just riding a bike without asking about your life.

The first time you met a cyclist, it was because of riding a bike.

Riding with you does not mean that you will be told everything about him.

Therefore, even a cyclist with a very good relationship should not ask about other people’s lives.

Distance produces beauty, which can be used everywhere.


Don’t always think that some cyclists who just take part in the cycling may not be good at understanding the cycling team, so they can easily rush to the front of the team on a whim.

In fact, experienced cyclists are often in front of and behind the team.

The group travel needs to adjust the allocation of personnel according to the situation of the team, not to show individual physical strength.


In general, people go out without paying their bills on an AA basis.

Occasionally, some people are happier and eat more than others when they eat.

They always get away when they have to pay their bills.

My brother has to settle the accounts.

Brother, you can have some snacks.


You don’t even care about your own safety if you obey the traffic rules, which may even threaten the safety of others.

Who would like to ride together.

Running traffic lights, riding side by side, and racing on crowded roads are very offensive.


With teamwork, every group has its own rules.

If you must be a maverick in a group, I don’t think any club is suitable for you.

Any dissatisfaction can be communicated, but it is wrong to spread negative energy.


Learn some basic maintenance methods.

For daily riding, we need to know some basic bicycle debugging and maintenance methods, such as brake adjustment, bicycle maintenance after rain, etc.

Only when we master some skills can we go out for riding.

Thank you for your attention.

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