Spring riding is fashionable. What do you need?

In Italy, cycling is not only a means of transportation, but also a culture.

As environmental protection has gradually become a fashionable trend, cycling has also become a fashionable personalized label loved by men, women, old and young.

The classic scenes taken by Hepburn in Roman holiday are everywhere: Parma, a garden resort, Luca with a beautiful Romanesque Cathedral, Verona with the romantic legend of Romeo Juliet, Florence, the capital of the Renaissance full of art…

Only cycling through these Italian cities, To really feel the comfort of Italian slow rhythm.

When cycling has become an attitude towards life, young people in the new era are becoming more and more particular about matching bicycles.

In the view of Italian girls, fashionable riding hats, exquisite handbags and silhouette coats are indispensable, and the elements of Monogram luxury full of sportluxe style are the necessary elements of “aristocratic cycling”.

Salvatore Ferragamo, a classic and old Italian brand that has always adhered to the strategy of sustainable development, has continuously launched products or theme projects with environmental protection themes, and highly advocates bicycle culture.

Recently, a bamboo bicycle with gancinimonogram print was launched in cooperation with Kate wood original, a handicraft brand, which made people exclaim “I really want to have it!” Ferragamo gancinimonogram printing exclusive limited environmental protection bicycle this March, Ferragamo gancini limited flash shop came to magic capital Shanghai.

The appearance and window will be decorated with Ferragamo’s classic gancinimonogram printing, making the outer wall full of Italian style reflect the scenery of Shanghai’s former French Concession Street area and become a punch in place for fashionable people.

Katewood original, an environment-friendly handicraft shop whose appearance and window are decorated with gancinimonogram printing, in addition to bamboo bicycles, Ferragamo also launched a mobile phone case as an essential accessory for contemporary urbanites.

Gancinimonogram printing combined with natural wood material is the best interpretation of environmental protection and life attitude.

Gancinimologram print combined with exclusive limited edition mobile phone case.

What do you need for fashionable cycling? They give you the answer.

Vivichow, the fashion talent, chose the nine point wide leg pants and sneaker shape representing easychic, coupled with a gancinimologramlogo backpack, which is a refreshing and casual travel style in March.

There is no lack of good taste and high quality in the details.

Congya chose the windy gancinimologram cloak and Black Ankle Boots, which is undoubtedly a cycling style with 100% turning back.

Sherry Shen, ellemen fashion editor, is dressed in a cool leather jacket, with Monogram printed pants and Chelsea ankle boots, and a neutral coolgirl travel equipment.

The red gancini handbag has become the highlight of attention.

The unburned black windbreaker of the season reveals a small area of Monogram printed lace, which is low-key and not boring.

Independent fashion media person Wu Ling’s large-area gancinimogram printed corset dress, combined with neutral Lefu shoes, can be said to have a very retro Italian feeling.

The Mini Handbag comes out light, belonging to the delicate and elegant lady’s spring style.

Gong linxuan’s stand collar jacket and trousers seem to reproduce the street scene of Italian gentlemen cycling and commuting.

A large-size gancinimogram tote bag that can be loaded is also a popular trend at present.

In the latest Salvatore Ferragamo spring / summer 2019 advertising blockbuster, you can also feel the Italian style of cycling.

Models ride for an outing and enjoy the brilliant sunshine and intoxicating beauty of Midsummer in Italy.

Salvatore Ferragamo 2019 spring / summer advertising blockbuster this season’s blockbuster selects the romantic garden of a private villa in tusia near Rome as the location.

In the picture, friends from all over the world gather here to enjoy Italian beauty.

Of course, in addition to free and leisure bicycles, there are also retro convertible cars and other fashionable people’s favorite choices.

Salvatore Ferragamo spring / summer 2019 advertising large lush gardens complement the rich palm tree prints throughout the series.

The theme of large viewing spots and happy reunion highlights Salvatore Ferragamo’s main gancini series products this season.

The most eye-catching are the new gancini printing on jacquard fabric and silk, as well as gancini accessories on shoes, glasses and belts.

Salvatore Ferragamo 2019 spring / summer advertising blockbuster with the warmer temperature and long lost sunshine in March, have you found the inspiration for cycling? More Salvatore Ferragamo’s new gancinimologram stylish classic pieces, click“.