[Spring Festival • cycling in Hainan] travel to the ends of the earth from February 2 to February 6 to feel the tropical style – riding on

[cycling in Hainan] go to the ends of the earth and feel the tropical style – riding on the east line of drunk America for 5 days and 4 nights# The best way to travel to Hainan is to ride around # Hainan Island! For cyclists, it is undoubtedly a rare holy land for cycling.

Here, there are not only picturesque island scenery, but also the most beautiful sea beach and coconut forest setting sun.

With moderate difficulty, more and more people ride to Hainan together, sleep on the beach at night, listen to the waves, eat seafood dinner and enjoy the beautiful sunrise on the beach.

Facing the coconut wind and sea rhyme, you can enjoy the fun of riding all the way.

Come on, let’s go and ride together! Riding on Hainan Island is a dream of many riders.

As the location of the three top Asian road cycling races tied with the “race around rankawi in Malaysia and the race around Qinghai Lake”, riding Hainan has also become a bragging topic for cyclists and their friends, and it is also a perfect travel plan.

The sea, for everyone, is the most primitive temptation from the heart.

Facing the coconut wind and sea rhyme, sing and walk all the way! [activity theme] ride in Hainan | run to the ends of the earth and feel the tropical style [activity features] ride on the east line of Hainan, coconut Bay, sunshine and waves [gathering time] gather all day on the 2022 event gathering day [gathering place] Hainan Haikou * * hotel [gathering sign] recognize the flag of “Guangzhou backpacker donkey”, Find the team leader to sign in [consultant] Yefeng 13560466967 – Haifeng 13538740809 [line level] ★☆☆☆☆ (1-star cycling activity) [maximum number of people] 30 people.

Activity time: travelactivitytime ●●●●● [Spring Festival holiday] gathering date: February 2-06, 2022 (call for concentration) Activity cost: theactivitycost ●●●● activity cost: Spring Festival price: ¥ 1999 yuan / person.

Children over the age of 12 can sign up for this route at a cost of 1598 yuan (not occupying the bed) [the cost includes] 1.

The cost of renting bicycles and riding equipment (helmets, backpacks, cushion covers, front bags, etc.) and the cost of returning cars in other places.


The assistance of logistics vehicles in the whole process, Accommodation allowance for drivers (logistics vehicles can carry luggage and ride easily in the whole journey) 3.

Accommodation: 4 days accommodation fee: Haikou, Qinglan, Boao, Xinglong, double room or big bed room (difference of 400 yuan / person per room) 4.

Public equipment fee (including emergency medicine bag, walkie talkie, etc.) 5.

Activity organization service fee 6.

Service fee for whole journey riding leader 7 Completion certificate and exquisite commemorative medals [self paid expenses include] 1.

Large transportation: large transportation expenses from Guangzhou to Hainan, please choose your own travel mode 2.

Meal expenses: AA for the whole journey (you can make an appointment with three or five partners, AA dinner) 2.

Others: other personal expenses incurred during the trip; Invoice gift: 300000 travel accident death insurance premium! Brief itinerary travelarrangements ●●●● Day1: all over the country → Haikou gathering day; (living in Haikou) Day2: Haikou → Lingshan → Sanjiang → rough slope → Tanniu → Wenchang (about 80km, 6-7h) day3: Wenchang → Qinglan → Maihao → Huiwen → Changpo → Qionghai → Boao (about 70km, 5-6h) day4: Boao → longgung → Lehe → Wanning → Xinglong (about 110km, 6-7h) Day5: Xinglong → Lingshui → Yingzhou town → Haitangwan town → Tiandu town → Sanya (about 110km, 7-8 hours) itinerary introduction: the east line of Hainan starts from Haikou in the north, passing through Wenchang, Qionghai, Wanning and Lingshui to Sanya, with a total length of about 400 kilometers.

Most of the way follows the coastline, concentrating the essence of coconut wind and sea charm and gathering the cultural attractions of Hainan.

There are many scenic spots along the way, and the tourism facilities are also well developed.

Mobile phone service name mobile phone: mobile phone: 13560466967 QQ 13538740809 QQ:26931964: 13560466967 mobile phone: 13560466967 mobile phone: 13560466967 mobile phone: 13538740809 mobile phone: 13538740809, sign up + name + mobile phone number + ID number + activity name “13560466967”, then pay the activity fee! [public WeChat sign] directly in the WeChat public address “name + mobile phone number + ID + activity name” Name mobile phone name, mobile phone number, ID card number + activity name, and WeChat! Will be able to sign up for WeChat’s “13538740809 or 13560466967” name + mobile phone number + ID number + activity name, and then pay the activity fee! 1, sign up to provide “real name + ID + mobile phone number” to purchase insurance.


The location is subject to the time of registration and payment, that is, if you pay first, you will have a location first.

Please hurry up ● if you have any questions, please consult the customer service wechat ●● before the event starts, exit more than 10 days in advance, and the fee will be refunded in full.

● 20% of the fee will not be refundable if you exit within 9 to 7 days before departure.

● 50% of the fee will not be refundable if you withdraw from the event within 7 days before departure.

● 80% of the fee will not be refundable if you withdraw from the event within 3 days before departure.

● if you cancel the registration but find a substitute to participate, the activity fee will be refunded in full.

[warm tips: — service description] 1.

Pure play and no shopping in the whole process; 2.

If the registration is successful, the quota will be determined according to the time of payment.


After successful registration, arrange parking spaces in the order of registration.

4, all travel neighborhoods, please provide (name, ID number, mobile phone), easy to buy travel accident insurance..