“Spring Festival · Hainan cycling” have a different journey on bicycles. Cycling on the east line of Hainan for 5 days and 4 nights!

↓ preface as the saying goes, walking is too slow and self driving is too fast, so I choose to ride between pedaling and breathing.

Wandering between my hometown and other places, every trip is of great significance to me.

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By riding, I can really feel the coconut wind, sea charm and shade path of the island Sunshine Coast refuses to take a card tour, which makes the same holiday different.

Record our way with wheels and give us more good memories in the future.

Let’s take a card on the beach, sea, coconut grove and reef to make the journey and harvest different highlights ▼ introduction to Hainan cycling and harvest the tropical island scenery of blue sea and blue sky ✔ Take a boat, pick coconuts and blow the sea breeze ✔ Hainan zuimei east line cycling ✔ Eat seafood, drink coconut milk and taste coffee ✔ Get new skills and get certificates of honor and medals ✔ Provide riding equipment to ensure the whole journey of the vehicle ✔ Special price for cycling for 5 days and 4 Nights: 2099 yuan / person; Spring Festival Schedule (only one period) 2022.02.02-2022.02.06 (Haikou collection, Sanya dissolution) ◆ find a different Hainan coconut coast on the bike ◆ when sports and travel are combined, and the body and soul are on the road at the same time, the refreshing feeling of galloping in the fields, mountains, seaside and cities is almost beyond everything.

It seems that with this car, you have your own wings, wander around the world and embrace the beautiful scenery! It is no exaggeration to say that this is definitely the most special Hainan tour you have ever experienced.

This trip, we no longer just feel the infinite beach and sunbathing that are always static, but ride all the way along the beautiful and charming coastline.

The blue sky and the blue sea, the cool sea breeze, the whirling coconut trees, the oil painting like scenery, and the lines with moderate intensity and difficulty make more and more people rush to the ends of the earth and feel the unparalleled journey on the wheel.

◆ find local delicacies along the way in Hainan during the trip.

You can’t avoid the traditional delicacies of the local people by riding all the way.

Whether it’s tropical fruits, traditional snacks or our dream seafood meal, maybe this way can meet your imagination of delicacies.

Hainan powder, Baoluo powder, Lingshui sour powder, qingbu cool, hele zongzi, Mango vermicelli and eat all the food about coconut, fresh coconut juice, mellow coconut meat, coconut rice, coconut cake and coconut cake There are all kinds of tropical fruits, but it’s fun to think about it.

My mouth has long been watering.

Hainan is also the most excellent tropical scenery in Hainan.

It is suitable for cycling all year round.

For the hobbyists, Hainan is undoubtedly a rare place to ride: Sea sand, coconut forest, and picturesque island scenery, so that more and more people will go to Hainan to ride together.

There are more interesting things to pursue the taste of Hainan in the sea breeze, such as picking coconuts, tasting local coffee, catching crabs on the beach, and feeling the characteristics and customs of fishermen’s towns.

Go to the most authentic coffee manor praised by Nicholas Tse, taste the most authentic coffee, and learn about coffee culture here, Tasting the twelve flavor, you can spend a comfortable coffee hour leisurely ◆ the security car escorts your cycling trip “will you be very tired”, “what about luggage”, “I’m afraid I can’t ride”, “how to play by bike”, “I don’t have riding experience”, “I can’t take photos by bike” don’t worry, because we have professional logistics support! Escort your journey and make your riding more secure! The logistics support vehicle follows the whole process.

In case of emergency or can’t ride, you can take the support vehicle for a while and have a rest.

You can’t occupy the parking space for a long time.

◆ journey and harvest scenery, experience and friends.

Maybe riding is much more than that.

Riding is like life.

Before traveling, you care most about the scenery along the way.

Riding on the road, the scenery is all harvested in your heart.

During the journey, you find that in addition to scenery and food, the most important thing is people and stories.

A riding experience is to know a group of interesting and lovely friends, On the road of life, the most important thing is to keep moving and never stop discovering new things and gaining new experiences.

Maybe we come from all over the world, but we all meet in Hainan.

Although we have known each other for a short time, we always seem to be old acquaintances.

The first day of the trip: all over the country — Haikou gathering; breakfast: take care of yourself; lunch: take care of yourself; dinner: take care of yourself; stay: Send a travel notice before Haikou departure.

PS: as for the transportation to Chengda, the first day is the assembly day.

Scheme 1: the plane will arrive at Haikou Meilan Airport at all departure points, and then take the bus to the assembly point.

Option 2: train departure from Guangzhou example: departure the day before: preferably take z111 and k511, alternative Z201 assembly day departure: take z385 option 3: there is a train from the bus provincial passenger station to Haikou, about 350 yuan, excluding ferry fee, about 12 hours.

As the first stop around Hainan Island, Haikou brings together Nanyang customs and qiongwei cuisine, including watching the sea at Baishamen, shopping in the old arcade, clocking in the clock tower, eating snacks at Haida south gate and watching the sunset at Baishamen park.

Arrange car selection and ice breaking games in the evening (the time shall be subject to the notification text message).

The next day: Haikou Wenchang; breakfast: take care of yourself; lunch: take care of yourself; dinner: take care of yourself; stay: ride in Wenchang starting point: special accommodation in Haikou; ride end point: special accommodation in Wenchang; ride distance: 80km, about 6-7 hours (mainly flat roads, few rolling roads); on the first day, the ride will pass through the characteristic rural roads in Hainan, ride leisurely between the rural roads and feel the rural scenery, In the evening, taste Wenchang Chicken, the first of the four famous dishes in Hainan..