“Sports lottery Cup” ice city public welfare ride, all experts assembled

On the morning of the 28th, the 2022 “sports color cup” ice city public welfare cycling activity will begin at the staff Art Square of Harbin Grand Theatre.

More than 100 bicycle riders from Harbin have been gearing up for the start of the competition.

This activity is guided by Harbin sports bureau, sponsored by Harbin Daily and undertaken by Harbin bicycle association.

The 20 kilometer ride will lead you to enjoy the intoxicating scenery on both sides of the Songhua River and the unique customs of the ice city summer capital.

According to Li Gang, President of the municipal bicycle association, in order to welcome the arrival of this activity, riders in Harbin have recently started morning exercises and want to keep their best state on the track of this activity.

Li Gang said that because of the cool and pleasant climate, August and September are the most concentrated periods for bicycle activities and the hottest season for bicycle sales in Harbin.

“Many cyclists who want to buy a new car have reported that many vehicles have been sold out recently.” Li Gang said that with the changes in people’s fitness concept in recent years, many experts who used to love indoor fitness have turned their focus to outdoor cycling projects, which also keeps its popularity rising in Harbin.

For the citizens who are going to participate in this ice city public welfare cycling activity, Li Gang also gave the following suggestions: “there is no competition ranking in this activity, so I hope you can finish the ride happily while keeping safe.

In the process, you must wear helmets, gloves, protective glasses and other equipment, and maintain a safe riding distance on the premise of riding at a uniform speed as far as possible.” Li Gang said.

Source: Ice City + client reporter Zhang kunlei’s public service advertisement..