Spontaneous combustion in electric vehicle riding, father and daughter were swallowed by fire in an instant! Related brand announcement!

On the morning of July 18, a father rode an electric car with his daughter on yuhuangshan road in the West Lake Scenic Area of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

The electric car suddenly burned into a fireball! After the incident, the Hangzhou traffic police released the accident video, which was very disturbing: in the face of this sudden scene, the surrounding citizens reacted quickly.

In just 10 seconds, nearby security guards, passers-by and passing drivers stood up one after another.

Let’s work together and put out the fire quickly in one minute.

Witnesses recalled that two electric vehicles passed one after the other.

In front of the car are the father and children, and behind the mother is also riding a car to follow.

After the electric car caught fire, my father couldn’t care about the flames on his body.

He endured the pain and went straight to the surrounding security room to borrow a fire extinguisher, and then turned back to put out the fire.

The little girl’s mother tried her best to pull her daughter out of the fire and tried to put out the fire.

The reporter got the news from the children’s Hospital Affiliated to the Medical College of Zhejiang University.

At present, the child has been admitted to SICU (surgical intensive care unit) and has a large area of severe burns.

At present, she is in a life-threatening period.

On July 19, the reporter learned from the second hospital of Zhejiang University that about 90% of the burn area of adults’ whole body has been used with a ventilator and has not been out of danger.

The situation is more stable than the previous day, and the medical staff are making every effort to treat it.

The reporter learned that the burned man surnamed Wei, from Suzhou, Anhui Province, was about 42 years old.

At that time, he was riding a battery car with his 7-year-old daughter, and his wife followed him in another battery car.

At 8 p.m.

on July 18, at the children’s Hospital of Zhejiang University, the mother of the injured girl and many relatives and friends were waiting at the door of the operating room.

The injured girl was sent over at noon and was still being rescued.

Mother was also slightly injured and refused to go away.

She insisted on waiting here.

At 9:30 pm, the reporter learned that the girl’s operation has been completed, but she can’t come out yet.

She needs to continue to observe in the surgical intensive care unit.

According to the injured girl’s uncle told reporters that up to now, the hospital has issued three critical notices.

Many families stayed up all night.

3 expert analysis: the maximum probability is the internal explosion of lithium battery.

About the burning battery car, the burn girl’s mother said that the car was bought at a battery car store on Jiangcheng Road, Shangcheng District, two or three years ago.

Last year, my husband also changed a new battery in this car shop, which cost about 500 yuan.

The brand of electric vehicles has not been announced.

The reporter learned from the West Lake Scenic Area Branch of Hangzhou market supervision bureau that on the morning of the 18th, the Bureau has begun to inspect the electric vehicle sales and maintenance business units within its jurisdiction.

“For this accident, after the follow-up investigation results are released, we will further follow up and deal with it.” In the face of high operation costs, family members had no choice but to apply for online fund-raising, and netizens gave their love one after another.

Thanks to everyone’s love relay, up to now, the love donation has reached 2 million yuan.

I hope it can bring hope to this family.

The head of the power supply department of a well-known electric bicycle brand R & D center in Zhejiang said after watching the video of electric vehicle spontaneous combustion that this situation is most likely caused by lithium batteries.

He said that at present, electric vehicle batteries in the market are mainly lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries.

“Lithium batteries have a lower safety factor than lead-acid batteries.” The person in charge said that under the same capacity, the mileage of lead-acid battery is much less than that of lithium battery, which is one of the reasons why there are more lithium batteries in the market.

The person in charge said that from the monitoring screen, it is likely that there was an explosion inside the lithium battery at that time.

“The energy of the lithium battery is still very large, and the power of the explosion is no less than a small grenade”.

He reminded that when using electric bicycles, first of all, you can’t charge them for a long time, as long as you ensure 80% of the power.

When replacing the battery, you must go to the original store (brand store).

It is best to replace the charger at the same time, because the voltage and current requirements are different.

When the mismatched charger is charged, it is easy to cause some battery faults.

The most important thing is not to take it home to recharge.

In case of an accident, the consequences at home will be more serious.


After the official announcement that the electric bicycle in the West Lake scenic spot of the electric vehicle brand “7.18” caught fire and spontaneous combustion, Hangzhou market supervision bureau immediately organized forces to start relevant investigations.

According to the vehicle registration information provided by relevant departments, the owner’s vehicle was purchased at the “satisfactory car store” in Shangcheng district.

The brand is czymh and the model is tdr1572z.

It was first licensed on November 14, 2018.

The license plate number is hang 2670192 and changed to hang 3548010 on April 6, 2021.

On July 19, law enforcement officers went to the “satisfactory car shop” for inspection.

The business scope of the car shop includes the sales of electric bicycles, etc.

At present, the car shop is still selling czymh electric bicycles, but there is no electric bicycle of the same model (tdr1572z).

This brand of electric bicycle is produced by Hangzhou Centrino Yamaha industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

and obtained the production license of electric bicycle on June 7, 2017.

The license number is: (Zhejiang) xk16-002-00079, which is valid until July 11, 2022; After the electric bicycle was transferred from license management to CCC management in 2019, the enterprise currently entrusts Wuxi bondu Technology Co., Ltd.

to OEM production.

As for whether the battery of the vehicle involved was replaced, no replacement record was found on the site, and the relevant situation is being further verified.

The inspectors will conduct quality sampling inspection on two electric bicycles of the same brand and different models and a lithium battery pack sold by the store, and will dispose of them according to the test results in the later stage.

Next, the market supervision department will continue to conduct in-depth investigation on the vehicles involved after determining the cause of spontaneous combustion according to relevant departments.

At the same time, the city’s market supervision department will immediately carry out special rectification of electric bicycles in the field of production and circulation..