Skateboarding, cycling, playing sand, playing water and playing ball… Foshan, the two adjacent parks, is very popular!

After a week of “winter” experience, the temperature in Foshan is slowly rising again.

Although it is still a little cold in the morning and evening, the temperature during the day has been very comfortable.

This weekend, the good weather is beautiful in spring.

Such a good weather weekend should not be disappointed.

Recently, two theme parks landed in Foshan! The extreme sports park with high expectation and the popular “Water Park” on the Jiandong river bank are amazing! The most important thing is that the two parks are only sixorseven meters apart, allowing you to play all day! The “paradise” for skateboarders and the “extreme sports park” at the bottom of Pingsheng Bridge in the South China Sea has recently opened.

It is not only a paradise for skateboarders, but also a leisure and fitness venue for parent-child interaction.

The 10m high “dream chasing youth” sign at the entrance of the extreme sports Park perfectly shows the charm of “adventurers” who spin and leap in skateboarding.

Street style, U-shaped Wanchi skate field, 330m long wave skate pump channel and other early, medium and high-level skate fields are available here.

Both “King” and “bronze” can enjoy the happiness of skateboarding and constantly surpass the limits of self skateboarders challenging themselves in balance and stimulation.

Children taste the charm of extreme sports on the skateboard track.

Wanchi skate field.

Wave sliding plate pump channel.

Cyclists “raced” on the wave skateboard pump.

The “Volcano” in the skateboard area is an “adventure” device for extreme sports enthusiasts.

The extreme sports park has attracted many citizens to punch in.

Here, you can see the carefully drawn theme graffiti atmosphere full of fitness and challenging the limit! The colorful extreme sports park lights up the previously unused gray space under the bridge.

The skateboard pump path is supplemented by blue, yellow and orange to activate the infinite vitality of the city of innovation.

It has not only become the largest all-weather Street extreme sports park in Foshan, but also opened a fashionable, young and The new life of sports fans is in the extreme sports park.

The ecological green is interspersed between red, yellow, orange and blue.

The organic combination of leisure sports content and green space also makes fitness more enjoyable.

In Jiandong Park, 600 meters away, big friends can play basketball and football, and children can play more and more hot things! The Jiandong river bank punch in open “Water Park” has a children’s water play area, a fitness and entertainment area, which can be described as a mini “Water Park”, a children’s playground, a sports park, a sightseeing park This comprehensive resort is Jiandong park! Photo / xuchunyang Jiandong park is located at the intersection of Pingzhou watercourse and Foshan Chong on the Bank of Dongping River.

It is an important node of the 63km riverside landscape belt of Nanhai Bi road and Guicheng.

Recently, it has been officially opened.

In combination with the terrain characteristics, the park is divided into the north and south sides with the themes of recreation and children’s water play, with water as the boundary Taking the bridge as a link / xuchunyang creates a mini “Water Park” with the theme of “water” on the south side of the bridge.

The most popular place for children here is the shallow water playing area.

Photo / xuchunyang not only has several shallow pools for children to play in the water.

The water depth is about children’s ankles or legs.

It’s safe and fun! There are also a variety of unpowered water playing devices, such as water wheel, water mushroom and sand water tray, which are new and eye-catching.

On the north side, fitness and recreation facilities are added with the theme of “Sports” to create a dynamic place for leisure and rest.

Photo / xuchunyang park is equipped with sufficient recreation and sports facilities, such as climbing net, bouncing mat, long chain swing football field, basketball court, etc.

to meet the fitness and leisure needs of people of all ages.

The park is located on the Bank of Dongping River, The view is very wide.

It is definitely a good place for viewing.

There are open-air viewing platforms on the north and south sides to let you enjoy Guicheng from different perspectives! Photo / xuchunyang’s hanging stand on the north side is the highest point of the park.

Here, you can climb high and look into the distance.

The view from the railing to the wind is full of ecological and leisure waterfront scenery! Photo / xuchunyang can walk in such a textured city park at home! Travel tips: when you go to the extreme Park, you should bring your skateboards, scooters, bicycles…

Don’t forget your helmet, knee pads, wristbands…

Children who like to play with sand should bring their sand playing tools.

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