Six “bad problems” that lead to riding knee pain, please change them quickly!

After cycling for a period of time, sometimes I hear riders complain about knee pain after intensive cycling.

In fact, this is due to the injury of knee meniscus caused by improper cycling.

The meniscus of the knee joint is fibrocartilage tissue, which is wedge-shaped with thick peripheral edge and thin inner edge.

From the plane, it is called meniscus; It is filled between the femoral condyle and the tibial condyle to enhance the stability of the knee joint.

The characteristics of meniscus structure and function determine that it is one of the most vulnerable tissues in the knee joint.

Under the following brief explanation, there are six situations that are more likely to cause injury: 1.

The direction of force when riding is inconsistent with the foot and pedal.

Many people tend to ride with their knees inward or outward.

In this way, the direction of the foot is inconsistent with the direction of the force, which is easy to cause strain for a long time.

Moreover, the smaller the angle between the thigh and the lower leg, the easier it is to have problems.

Sudden acceleration in this state is more likely to cause trauma, because most people in the team do not lock and step, so the posture cannot be forcibly corrected, and can only be corrected consciously.


The strength of thigh muscles did not keep up with the sudden acceleration.

When the muscles are highly tired (without cramps), if the muscle strength of the thigh cannot be raised, the whole body weight and the original pressure will overwhelm the knee.

I once tried.

The knee will soon swell up.

It is not allowed to bend the knee, but it will slowly reduce the swelling after applying medicine and doing a small amount of walking.

It is said that such a situation will cause ponding for a long time.


Long term low frequency riding.

Many people will think that low-frequency cycling can make strength better, but the chance of knee injury is much greater than high-frequency cycling.


Excessive climbing practice.

For climbing by bike, the customer’s doctor believes that if the rider’s own knee is bad and has a relevant medical history, climbing by bike is not necessarily a suitable sport.

Climbing long slopes and steep slopes are not recommended.

The best sport is riding flat.


The cushion height is too high or too low.

The height of the cushion is the most important part of the bicycle setting, especially closely related to knee injury and stepping force.

If the seat cushion is too high, the knee is easy to be injured, and if the center of gravity is too high, it is easy to cause accidents.

If the seat cushion is too low, the foot cannot step out of strength, and stepping with incorrect posture for a long time will also have a bad impact on the knee and legs.


Incorrect warm-up exercise.

Do some warm-up exercises related to the knee for a long time, such as knee flexion and rotation.

This action will wear the meniscus and is not recommended.

What should I do if I find knee pain during riding or the next day after riding? We need a set of effective exercise methods to protect our fragile knees, such as squatting.

It can strengthen the biceps femoris, gluteus maximus, rectus femoris, intermediate femoris, lateral femoris and medial femoris, enhance the fragile part of the knee, and reduce the probability of knee injury.

The posture of squatting is upright, the upper body is upright, the head is raised and the chest is raised, the body is upright, the feet are separated at the same distance as their shoulder width, and the toes are moving forward.

Do not “outside eight characters” or “inside eight characters”.

Stand with your back against the wall and your heels about a foot away from the wall.

Distribute the weight evenly on both legs and squat slowly until the thighs and lower legs are at a 90 ° angle.

Keep this angle, and then gradually move your feet forward.

At this time, look down and see that your knees and toes are in a straight line.

In other words, when you look from top to bottom, your knees just block your toes.

Now the posture is the standard “squatting against the wall”.

Take a minute off between squats.

Don’t take too long.

Then practice the second static squat, which is the first static squat practice of the day for 30 minutes.

Determine the number of exercises according to your physical condition.

Practice 1-3 times a day.

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