“Show” propaganda of traffic police women riding squadron

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The Women’s Cycling Squadron has been established for nearly half a year.

It has always adhered to the concept of flexible law enforcement to maintain traffic order, persuade traffic violations, promote traffic safety, and protect school safety.

In their work, they innovated publicity measures, made all-round and multi form “show” civilized traffic safety publicity, and educated and guided the masses to consciously abandon bad traffic habits, become civilized people, drive civilized cars, and take a civilized road.

The first stop of the Traffic Safety Propaganda Team in Cultural and Creative Ancient Village – the Interpretation Team in Yiwei Area of Shiyang Village walked into Shiyang Village and carried out the “first show” activity.

Through the projector, the team played traffic safety warning films and case videos, explained the traffic safety knowledge of “Yiwei Area”, organized villagers to participate in the traffic safety knowledge Q&A and identify traffic signs to distribute small gifts.

Knowing danger and avoiding danger, safe and civilized travel – Happy interaction link of Xinlei Kindergarten Women’s Cycling Squadron entered Xinlei Kindergarten to carry out traffic safety publicity activities themed “Knowing danger and avoiding danger, safe and civilized travel”.

During the activity, the police explained the traffic laws and regulations in easy to understand language in the form of a game of education and entertainment, and conducted interactive questions and answers on traffic knowledge with the children, so that the children could have a further understanding of traffic safety knowledge such as traffic signal lights, “One Helmet Belt”, and vehicle blind areas in a happy atmosphere.

The Traffic Safety Publicity Team of Cultural and Creative Ancient Village is here again – the police of the Fushan Village Experience Drunken Driving Publicity Team let the villagers experience drunk driving simulation glasses and the danger of drunk driving; Organize the villagers to read traffic safety slogans in local dialect, so that the masses can receive traffic safety publicity and education invisibly; Demonstrate the correct wearing method of safety helmets on site, and publicize the hazards and consequences of not wearing safety helmets on motorcycles and not wearing safety belts on vehicles to villagers; During the activity, the police also continued to expand the coverage of publicity by playing traffic safety warning educational films, distributing leaflets, explaining traffic safety knowledge and other ways, creating a strong publicity trend, and making traffic safety publicity and education deeply popular.

Their riding squadron members in the streets and alleys are guiding the traffic and persuading uncivilized traffic behaviors.

Safety is in your heart.

To abide by rules and regulations in your hands is to respect life and self.

When we can do all this, our society will be closer to the other side of civilization.

It is our duty and responsibility to pay attention to traffic safety.

For you and everyone, we should firmly establish the awareness of traffic safety, consciously abide by traffic regulations, master traffic safety knowledge, and improve our self-protection ability..