Should I use my nose or mouth to breathe when riding?

!        While riding, There is such a problem that puzzles many riders: sometimes even if they are not tired, they are panting and their feet can’t work hard.

Why on earth is this? In fact, this is often caused by the wrong way of breathing.

What’s the right way to breathe? Should I breathe through my mouth or through my nose? Breathing, seemingly simple, actually contains a lot of knowledge.

Different sports have different breathing methods.

Consciously cultivating good breathing methods can make the effect of sports get twice the result with half the effort.

Simply put, breathing is closely related to the energy conversion efficiency of the body.

Only sufficient oxygen supply can ensure the most thorough material oxidation and then release energy.

Muscle kinetic energy comes from adenosine triphosphate (ATP) stored in muscle.

This substance can only provide consumption for about 8 seconds.

Once used, blood glucose will be automatically converted to ensure continuous energy supply to muscle.

One of the keys to this transformation is whether the oxygen content of the body is sufficient or not.

If the oxygen content is insufficient, a large amount of useless consumption will occur in the process of converting blood glucose into ATP.

Therefore, scientific breathing methods are particularly important for aerobic exercise, especially when riding on the top.

Breathing brings in not only clean air, but also polluted air, dust and bacteria at the same time, which will stimulate the lower respiratory tract and cause lung damage; Runny nose is a typical symptom of upper respiratory tract infection.

Especially in the case of riding against the wind, cold air directly enters the respiratory tract and reaches the lung cavity in winter, and cough, runny nose and other symptoms are inevitable.

At this time, you should consider inhaling with your nose and exhaling with your mouth.

With the help of nasal hair and nasal cavity, you can filter and warm the air to reduce the irritation to the upper and lower respiratory tract.

Many riders ride quickly at the beginning.

After a period of time, they are prone to abdominal pain.

In fact, this is caused by improper breathing and mixed external air stimulating the pleura and intestines and stomach.

It is inevitable that you need to breathe through your mouth when riding, but you are not encouraged to breathe cold air directly, but adjust flexibly according to the road conditions.

Generally, the above-mentioned conditions are usually caused by the lack of respiratory oxygen supply, which leads to the failure of timely supplement of muscle oxygen consumption.

As for whether to breathe with the mouth or the nose, it needs to be analyzed in detail.

The following will be divided into three aspects.

First, before riding: nasal inhalation and exhalation.

Before starting, first adjust the breathing through nasal inhalation and exhalation, so as to make the body adapt to the rhythm of movement in advance.

Method analysis: first close your mouth and inhale deeply and slowly with your nose until you can’t inhale any more, then open your mouth and spit out the gas slowly.

After spitting out, close your mouth and then inhale deeply with your nose Repeat the above operation for 9 consecutive times.

After that, breathe naturally with your nose for several times and you can start..